5555 Material and Inventory Control Specialist


TITLE Material and Inventory Control Specialist




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Administrative Coordinator, Facilities Management

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Associate Director, Facilities Management


The Material and Inventory Control Specialist maintains the perpetual master inventory listings of all materials and parts required for Facilities Management with the use of an automated computerized inventory system, coordinates the receiving, inventory, storing, issuing, and account audit of supplies, parts, materials, and equipment utilized by Facilities Management. The Material and Inventory Control Specialist develops, implements, and maintains inventory control procedures to ensure accurate computerized inventory records in compliance with departmental, institutional, and State of Missouri guidelines and regulations, coordinates the annual inventory by working with all assigned areas within Facilities Management to meet deadlines and account for all property, and coordinates and delivers all management and operations reports and listings as requested. The Material and Inventory Control Specialist coordinates the addition of all new property, parts, and materials to the inventory, records transfers, makes minor computer-related repairs, and performs periodic maintenance of mechanical tools and equipment. The Material and Inventory Control Specialist trains and works with Facilities Management personnel on inventory control procedures, prepares proper forms, maintains files, and meets required deadlines.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required. An Associate’s degree (60 credit hours or more) or equivalent vocational training or certification from a postsecondary vocational or technical school in a maintenance trade or business management is preferred.

Experience: With a high school diploma, at least five years successful experience in facilities maintenance storekeeping or similar experience in inventory management and procurement of stock is required. With an Associate’s degree or equivalent vocational training or certification as described above, at least two years of successful experience in facility maintenance storekeeping or similar experience in inventory management and procurement of stock is required. Supervisory experience is required. Experience in the management of a computerized inventory and accounting system is required. Experience operating various motor vehicles, light delivery vehicles, and a forklift is required.

Skills: Must be able to perform data entry with accuracy and acceptable speed and develop queries and create reports for assigned assets, supplies, and parts. Must be detail-oriented; excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required. Strong customer service skills are required. Training skills and administrative ability are required. The ability to delegate, analyze, and organize are required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: This position lifts and carries materials and equipment weighing over fifty pounds on a daily basis and up to one-hundred pounds on an occasional basis. Prolonged standing and frequent bending, stooping, and reaching is required on a daily basis.

License: A valid Missouri driver’s license is required.

Other: The scope of the position requires exposure to and use of greases, chemicals, solvents, and cleaners common to mechanical work that may be hazardous and/or cause injury if specific instructions regarding their mixture, use, and disposal/storage are not properly followed.


1. Assures an efficient and effective storeroom operation by following and monitoring procedures to receive, unpack, inventory, store (as necessary), account for, and issue all shipments of maintenance supplies and equipment, such as lumber, nails, bolts, hardware, conduit, switches, electrical wiring, repair parts for valves, thermostats, pumps and fittings, hand tools, pipe dyes and cutters, and similar type supplies and equipment.

2. Ensures that supported departments have an adequate and appropriate stock of supplies and equipment by maintaining a perpetual inventory of all such materials stored in the department, developing supplies, parts, and systems support plans based on supply and demand patterns related to seasonal factors, program changes, changes in end-use applications, or similar elements, and reordering as necessary to maintain adequate stocks.

3. Makes supply system support decisions incorporating asset status, asset interchangeability, purchasing support, and established financial guidance by exercising authority to establish and revise stock order frequencies, establishing stock levels for individual items on a selective basis, and managing assigned items to achieve effective supply support while remaining within authorized or available funds.

4. Procures materials, supplies, and equipment for all departmental units under Facilities Management to meet the needs of the department, prepares functional specifications for specialty items to be purchased, and complies with University purchasing procedures, guidelines and principles.

5. Assures strict accountability of all equipment and supplies received in the department by following and monitoring compliance with guidelines for checking the condition and accuracy of shipments, assuring that records of all shipments are verifiable and accurate, and sorting, classifying, and storing those items for ready identification and inventory.

6. Provides documentation when requested by auditors by maintaining records for review.

7. Supervises and trains clerical staff, stores clerks, and field employees in the use of the computerized inventory system, maintains records, and develops reports for the reconciliation of parts and supplies inventories in order to take full advantage of the system and maximize efficiency.

8. Establishes and maintains a positive and cooperative working relationship with members of Facilities Management and the campus community, works cooperatively to provide quality, seamless customer service by serving as a central point of contact and exchange of information for Facilities Management staff about material and parts support problems affecting their respective areas and demonstrating a continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, and streamline the inventory process.

9. Reduces the potential for the loss of Facilities Management tools by assuring that tools or equipment are issued to departmental personnel only, maintaining a record of items issued for use by personnel, and informing supervisory personnel when items are not returned as required.

10. Maintains tools, equipment, and machinery in operational condition by inspecting tools and equipment when returned to the stores area, making recommendations for and coordinating minor repairs or replacement of parts and coordinating periodic maintenance and cleaning of tools and equipment as prescribed in the operator's manual or as directed.

11. Assists in the shipping of mechanical equipment requiring repair by the manufacturers or contracted mechanical repair shops by inventorying and packing such items and performing associated shipment procedures as required.

12. Contributes to an accident-free work environment by keeping the stores area clean, neat, orderly, and free of clutter and debris, properly storing and handling hazardous materials, solvents, and chemicals, following the operators’ manual for storage and use of tools and equipment, and operating various light delivery vehicles and/or equipment in a safe manner, adhering to all reasonable and prudent safety precautions and procedures.

13. Manages the daily operations of the assigned fleet vehicles by scheduling maintenance of fleet vehicles, maintaining maintenance records, providing information to other University departments on maintenance issues and scheduling, and providing input to developing long-term fleet plans for the department.

14. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

15. Contributes to the overall success of the Facilities Management Department by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Material and Inventory Control Specialist is supervised by the Administrative Coordinator, Facilities Management and supervises full and part time staff and student employees assigned to Stores.