5516 Property Control Specialist


TITLE Property Control Specialist



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Coordinator, Property Control


The Property Control Specialist assists with asset control by updating the Property Control database with new assets valued at $5,000.00 or more, tagging new assets, retrieving, moving, storing, and assisting with the sale of surplus property. The Property Control Specialist monitors the amount and type of furniture in classrooms and assists the Coordinator of Property Control with annual departmental inventories, operates various motor vehicles, light delivery vehicles, and a forklift, and supervises support staff and student workers of the Property Control Department.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required.

Experience: At least two years of experience is required in shipping and receiving work and/or property moving and delivery work.

Skills: Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills, as well as verbal and written communication skills are required. Demonstrated skills in analyzing, organizing, planning, problem solving, and decision making are required. Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel and learn to use job specific computer applications, such as entering data into the Property Control database to maintain inventory records. The ability to use and maintain filing systems and records is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Requires daily lifting and moving of equipment weighing up to 100 pounds. Work is performed indoors and out-of-doors, occasionally in environments which could have work hazards.

License: A valid driver's license is required.


1. Reduces the potential for loss or misappropriation of non-expendable University property by complying with established procedures for the receipt, tagging, storing, and subsequent accountability of property purchased by or donated to the University, assisting with physical inventories of university property, and reporting discrepancies between reported inventories and actual on-hand property to the Coordinator, Property Control.

2. Assists with maintaining an accurate inventory of non-expendable University property by verifying materials and property received by the Property Control Office against requisitions, shipping notice, invoices, or other property documents, and adding non-expendable property items to the computer database which lists the type and cost of all property purchased by or donated to the University, as well as the department which received the property and its location.

3. Assists with property management for all University departments by transporting or arranging for the transport of worn out/surplus property to the University's warehouse, warehousing surplus property, delivering useable property to departments and offices as directed, and ensuring that surplus assets are presented for sale in a manner to maximize revenue. Ensures an efficient surplus warehouse operation by supervising the receipt of all surplus delivered to the warehouse and organizing surplus inventory in an orderly fashion.

4. Helps to ensure adequate learning environments for students by surveying all general classrooms to ensure that each room is equipped with the proper furniture.

5. Assists Shipping and Receiving with delivery services by correctly identifying supplies, materials, equipment, and priority packages to be delivered to the University’s administrative and academic departments from invoices, departmental order forms, and Procurement Card purchases, safely loading those items on the delivery vehicle, safeguarding all items during transit, delivering the items to the correct department, and obtaining the appropriate signature for the receipt of the delivered items.

6. Accurately documents the receipt of all supplies, materials, and equipment delivered to the University.

7. Performs preventive maintenance of delivery vehicles and equipment by completing spot checks of equipment to determine their working condition, checking fluids, oiling moving parts, cleaning and servicing tools and equipment as directed or specified in the operator’s manual, and returning damaged tools and equipment for repair or replacement.

8. Contributes to an accident-free work environment by operating various light delivery vehicles and other moving equipment in a safe manner and adhering to all reasonable and prudent safety precautions and procedures.

9. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

10. Contributes to the overall success of the Property Control Office by performing all other duties and responsibilities as directed or assigned.


The Property Control Specialist is supervised by the Coordinator, Property Control and may supervise student and support staff of the Property Control Department.