5185 Systems/Database Analyst - West Plains


TITLE Systems/Database Analyst - West Plains




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Computer Services, WP



The Systems/Database Analyst manages the ongoing operation of the administrative databases and the servers on which they reside; maintains data access and security; participates in the analysis, design, development, and documentation of information systems that integrate with the administrative software systems; and provides ongoing support to users through database and software maintenance, troubleshooting, and training.


Education:Completion of college courses that are equivalent to an associate degree with an emphasis on technology-related courses is required. The following are preferred: bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in a computer-related field; Oracle DBA certification; Microsoft MCDBA certification; MCSA certification.

Experience:At least two years of experience in relational database design, administration, and database application programming is required. Functional knowledge of database management systems and SQL is required. Experience in the use of computers in business applications is required. The following are preferred: Experience with Oracle and SQL/Server databases; database query tools and products; web development; COBOL; work experience in higher education.

Skills: Ability to manage multiple concurrent projects, reason analytically, and work with people possessing differing levels of technical knowledge is required. Effective oral and written communication skills and proficiency in writing technical specifications are required.

Other: Some evening, night, and weekend hours are required.


1. Assures the availability of data resources by developing, testing, and implementing appropriate backup and recovery procedures, conducting periodic tuning of the databases, regularly monitoring space usage and allocating disk space for the databases, serving as a liaison with the technical support staff of software vendors, and providing technical support regarding the databases.

2. Keeps the administrative software systems and databases up-to-date by obtaining and installing patches, updates, and version upgrades, assisting web personnel in maintaining the web-based administrative software systems, and coordinating maintenance to cause as little interference with system operation as possible.

3. Resolves database-related problems by conducting a thorough analysis of the problem and employing appropriate troubleshooting techniques and aids to resolve the problem.

4. Supervises and participates in the maintenance of the servers upon which the administrative software systems operate, ensuring the operating systems are patched and secure.

5. Manages security of Missouri State University-West Plains data by creating and maintaining database security classes, administering user IDs and passwords for administrative software systems, coordinating with other Computer Services staff in resolving problems or questions regarding administrative software systems user IDs, and providing security access reports.

6. Participates in the automation of business processes or interfaces between information systems by analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and documenting new processes and systems.

7. Develops instructions for programmer/analysts by creating detailed design specifications including system narratives, file layouts, screen layouts, report layouts, and program narratives.

8. Performs programming duties and responsibilities for projects when needed.

9. Facilitates faculty and staff utilization of the West Plains campus database and associated tools by understanding the functions of the user departments, analyzing current processing and procedures, and advising them on appropriate alternatives in meeting their computing needs.

10. Provides support for information needs by coordinating with software support specialists in designing, developing, and maintaining views and reports for the user community; creating and distributing documentation for utilization of the database; responding to inquiries regarding utilization of the database, and providing advice and assistance as appropriate.

11. Assists in the selection of database tools and products by researching available products and methodologies, making recommendations for purchase, developing bid specifications, evaluating bid responses, and recommending the selection of products that meet the database needs of the University.

12. Actively participates in planning for the future growth of the campus and the integration of information technology by serving on appropriate committees on the West Plains campus, participating regularly in departmental meetings, coordinating problem resolution with others in the department, suggesting improvements in the support operation, assisting in the development of short- and long-range goals for the department, and evaluating progress toward accomplishment of those goals.

13. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Director of Computer Services.

14. Contributes to the overall success of Computer Services by performing all other duties as assigned by the Director of Computer Services, WP.


The Systems/Database Analyst is supervised by the Director of Computer Services, WP.


MARCH 2007