5129 Technology Support Specialist - West Plains


TITLE Technology Support Specialist - West Plains




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology Services-West Plains


The Technology Support Specialist-West Plains is a member of a collaborative work group that performs a wide range of support functions that may change as the technology needs of the campus evolve. The Technology Support Specialist’s job duties may include any of the following as assigned: managing campus servers, supporting secure access to University services, managing and supporting hardware/software usage, availability, and replacement, supporting teaching and learning technologies, supporting communication efforts, supervising student assistants, and supporting the mission of the Information Technology department, the West Plains campus, and the University.


Education: Completion of college courses equivalent to an Associate’s degree with an emphasis on technology-related courses is required; a Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in a technology-related field is preferred. An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Experience: One year of experience installing and supporting a wide range of microcomputer hardware, peripherals, and software is required. Experience in web page design and development is preferred. Experience using and supporting multimedia equipment is preferred. Experience working in a help desk or customer service environment is preferred. Supervisory experience is preferred. Work experience in a higher education environment is preferred.

Skills: Knowledge of hardware, software, and operating systems (installation, configuration, and connectivity) is required. Technical knowledge and aptitude in the areas of networks, network file servers, applicable software, and troubleshooting techniques is required. Familiarity with systems administration and security principles in a networked environment is required. Must be able to diagnose and resolve hardware and software problems independently. Strong oral and written communication skills are required. Must be able to work effectively as a team member, manage concurrent projects, and work with people possessing differing levels of technical knowledge. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. The ability to operate and troubleshoot multimedia presentations systems, classroom media systems, and other classroom-related equipment is preferred.

Other: Must be able to lift and carry objects weighing up to fifty pounds, have sufficient mobility to connect cables which may require climbing ladders or working under desks, and possess visual acuity sufficient for installation and repair of computers and peripherals, as well as to inspect physical facility conditions. Some evening, night, and weekend hours may be required.


1. Ensures a reliable computing environment by providing specifications for, installing, and managing servers, implementing server security, monitoring server performance and capacity, determining and resolving system problems, applying operating system patches, and maintaining documentation for server administration and maintenance.

2. Assures the safety of user files and the ability to recreate the system by performing regularly scheduled back-ups of all files on the system, restoring files as requested, and maintaining documentation on procedures for file back-up and restorations.

3. Supports network access by establishing and managing user accounts and resources, resetting passwords, configuring security access rights, troubleshooting account access issues, and communicating with users about their accounts.

4. Supports the technology needs of the campus community by installing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and supporting computers, laptops, PDAs, printers, scanners, and other specialized devices, operating systems, application software, and wired, wireless, dial-up, VPN, and other network and internet connections, and by working as a team with other technical staff to ensure compatibility and connectivity with all systems.

5. Serves as a primary technical resource for an assigned group of users.

6. Works with vendors and other sources to identify and resolve hardware and software problems.

7. Creates and maintains documentation and web pages, assures web content is accurate and timely, and ensures technical problems and resolutions are documented in a timely manner.

8. Ensures that classrooms and labs are up-to-date before each semester by reviewing and testing proposed software, developing, maintaining, and distributing complex software images, and researching and implementing new technologies for supporting classrooms, labs, and offices.

9. Participates in the planning process for the re-use of equipment by maintaining an accurate equipment inventory, identifying equipment to be replaced, and transferring equipment between users with minimal service disruptions.

10. Contributes to faculty and staff effectiveness by providing training in the use of presentation systems in the classroom, the course content management system, and other uses of technology in instruction.

11. Works with faculty to develop technology-based solutions in support of teaching and learning, assists in the creation and provides support for the use of these technologies, supports the dissemination of instructional information via the web, participates in the production of electronic media materials for online and distance learning classes, and assists in the creation of materials, documentation, and web pages that promote the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.

12. Supports the communication effort of the department by assisting in the design, development, and maintenance of the departmental web site, and assisting in the development of newsletters, brochures, and other communication materials.

13. Assists with and supports the production and post-production of audio, video, and multimedia materials, including recording, editing, and packaging.

14. Serves as the first point of contact for students applying for employment as student assistants by advertising vacant positions, screening student applications, conducting initial interviews, and scheduling final interviews.

15. Ensures that student assistants provide high quality support services to campus computer users by implementing a program of training, testing, and employee evaluations, developing training materials, and supervising the service and support activities of the student assistants.

16. Supervises the daily operation of the campus Help Desk and computer labs by implementing appropriate measures to provide a safe and secure environment for lab patrons and equipment, scheduling a sufficient number of student assistants during the hours of operation, assigning tasks as required, and maintaining the currency of help desk software, manuals, and electronic and printed support information.

17. Serves as a resource to academic and administrative departments by consulting with users on technology issues, analyzing their information technology needs, and providing specifications for suggested hardware, software, and networking solutions within the confines of campus-wide standards and available financial resources.

18. Maintains a professional and positive rapport with students, faculty, and staff by referring them to the appropriate campus and departmental resources for problem resolutions and providing information concerning University, campus, and departmental polices and procedures.

19. Supports the department by preparing or assisting in writing bid specifications for equipment, interfacing with vendors during bid evaluations, and ensuring that maintenance contracts for designated equipment are secured and renewed in a timely manner.

20. Anticipates and plans for technology changes that impact teaching, learning, and information management by learning new hardware and software technologies as they become available, researching new hardware and software technologies, and presenting new technologies to the campus community.

21. Actively participates in planning for the future growth of the campus and the integration of information technology by serving on appropriate committees on the West Plains campus, participating regularly in departmental meetings, coordinating problem resolution with others in the department, suggesting improvements in the support operation, assisting in the development of short- and long-range goals for the department, and evaluating progress toward accomplishment of those goals.

22. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

23. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology Services, West Plains.

24. Contributes to the overall success of the department by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Technology Support Specialist is supervised by the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Information Technology Services, West Plains and supervises student assistants.