5114 Membership Manager, Radio and TV


TITLE Membership Manager, Radio and TV




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR General Manager, KSMU and Ozarks Public Television

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Director of Broadcast Services


The Membership Manager, Radio and TV is responsible for the overall development of the annual plan for revenue generation for KSMU and Ozarks Public Television through individual and major giving. The Membership Manager, Radio and TV develops annual strategies to raise funds for both radio and TV through on-air pledge drives, direct mail, and telemarketing campaigns as well as acquires and maintains relationships with major donors. The Membership Manager directs targeted fundraising appeals in order to develop higher renewal rates, increased levels of giving, and overall growth of the membership roster. The Membership Manager evaluates the success of the membership program throughout the year and makes necessary adjustments to meet goals.


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required; a Bachelor's degree is preferred.

Experience: Two years experience in organizing and implementing fund-raising activities is required. Experience working in Public Radio or Television membership campaigns is preferred.

Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. Excellent organizational skills are required. The ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications, including the ability to learn new applications, is required. Familiarity with specialized membership software is preferred.

Other: Must be able to lift and carry objects up to thirty pounds.


1. Raises funds and meets financial goals for the support of Broadcast Services units by setting and achieving monthly fundraising goals through membership pledges and renewals, managing monthly processing such as timely renewal mailings, pledge billing, monthly installment reminders, and targeted direct mail appeals throughout the year, and evaluating membership revenue monthly and making adjustments in strategy in order to reach the overall membership goal.

2. Ensures that pledge drives run smoothly and meet goals by coordinating live and pre-taped pledge broadcasts, assisting with the selection of pledge programming, motivating on-air talent with pitch ideas and statistics, planning and scheduling shifts for volunteers, on-air talent, and hosts, overseeing premium selection, ordering and fulfillment, pledge billing, thank-you letters to donors, and directing membership staff to accurately acquire and maintain donor information.

3. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of various aspects of membership pledge campaigns by identifying the top pledge-generating programs, the number and total amount of pledges, supervising premium fulfillment, monitoring credit card percentage rate fulfillment, comparing the current pledge drive results to prior years’ results, providing data for Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) system reporting, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) pledge data reporting, and Development Exchange, Inc. (DEI) and fundraising projections for pledge programming based on historical analysis and research of national giving for pledge programs.

4. Encourages a high membership response rate by writing effective letters and implementing campaigns targeted towards renewals, additional gifts, and lapsed members, ensuring that reminders are sent, overseeing telemarketing campaigns for renewals, additional gift requests, and lapsed re-join requests, analyzing the response rates for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns, and providing national trend comparisons from other stations representative of our market size.

5. Works with the Production Department to improve the on-air look and sound in an effort to increase viewer awareness of the need for financial support.

6. Manages quarterly contacts with major donors and oversees recognition of new major donors.

7. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development seminars, and attending training and/or courses as directed by the General Manager of Radio and TV.

8. Helps to ensure the continued success of Broadcast Services units by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Membership Manager is supervised by the General Manager of KSMU and Ozarks Public Television and supervises membership staff and volunteers.