5112 Manager, Programming and Production-TV


TITLE Manager, Programming and Production-TV




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR General Manager, KSMU and Ozarks Public Television

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Director of Broadcast Services


The Manager, Programming and Production is responsible for producing, acquiring, and scheduling programming, managing the Ozarks Public Television programming and production unit, and for exercising creative and technical control of video production for broadcast and the promotional and academic support requirements of the University. The Manager, Programming and Production - TV ensures the establishment of operational guidelines and hires qualified personnel. The Manager, Programming and Production - TV is responsible for supervising the local production process, instituting cost accounting and controls, and producing television programming that supports Ozark Public Television’s and the University’s mission and attracts, maintains, and increases the viewing audience. The Manager, Programming and Production - TV serves as a University representative to appropriate Public Broadcasting organizations and interacts with University administrators, students, faculty, staff, project participants, media professionals, and the general public.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Television Production, Electronic Media, or a related area is required.

Experience: At least three years of management level experience in television programming and production is required. Responsible and demonstrated experience with the principles and techniques of audio and video recording for electronic media productions is required.

Skills: Knowledge of programming, scheduling, and broadcast rights is required. Exceptional television production skills, strong oral and written communication skills, and demonstrated personnel management and interpersonal skills are required. Effective organizational skills are required. The ability to produce and direct single- and multi-camera productions is preferred.

Effort: Must have excellent visual acuity (20/20 vision or corrected to 20/20) and auditory acuity within the normal range. Must be able to carry up to thirty pounds of equipment without lifting devices for distances up to one-hundred yards.

Other: The scope of the job frequently requires attendance of evening and/or weekend activities and requires occasional travel to workshops, seminars, and university events.


1. Enables the University to meet its promotional and academic video support requirements and ensures that Ozarks Public Television produces or acquires programming that attracts, maintains, and increases its viewing audience by providing leadership, operational controls, organizational skills, and a creative environment for the programming and production unit.

2. Develops and manages the unit budget by ensuring the unit operates within its projected and actual revenues, ensuring sufficient staffing to meet production requirements, and utilizing student workers as needed.

3. Supervises programming inventory and the development of the program schedule in consultation with appropriate staff and/or programming services by administering the program acquisition budget, working with the University’s publication staff to ensure timely and successful production of the Viewer’s Guide, recommending, providing, and approving focus and content for the Viewer’s Guide, and communicating the program schedule to the Viewer’s Guide editor and other organizations as needed.

4. Manages production and programming activities for broadcast and cable distribution by ensuring that programming is available as scheduled, giving priority to Ozarks Public Television production requirements for fund-raising events, i.e., pledge drives, auctions, underwriting announcements, etc., actively engaging in the development and implementation of station promotions, researching, producing, and directing OzarksWatch Video Magazine series, developing, researching, writing, producing, and directing long-form documentary presentations, and working as an active partner with non-university project partners to attract, develop, and create revenue and local productions.

5. Ensures the University meets its promotional and academic video support requirements by recommending and creating presentations and campaigns developed for individual departments that are supportive of University objectives and goals.

6. Supports the academic component of the University by utilizing student interns to the extent feasible.

7. Promotes a positive image of the University by participating in community and professional organizations, representing the University at professional meetings and serving on community committees, and establishing and maintaining credible relations with local and area news media and the general public.

8. Promotes an understanding of and appreciation for the use of promotional programming by academic and administrative departments by representing the television station in relationships with academic and administrative departments, serving as a creative and technical resource person, and providing advice and information throughout the University as requested.

9. Cooperates as an active partner with professionals in other areas of the University, e.g., Strategic Communication, Sports Information, Video Marketing, to accomplish common goals by providing requested and appropriate video support.

10. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the General Manager-KSMU and Ozarks Public Television.

11. Contributes to the overall success of the University by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Manager, Programming and Production - TV is supervised by the General Manager-KSMU and Ozarks Public Television and supervises professional and support staff.