5101 Senior Fine Arts Producer


TITLE Senior Fine Arts Producer




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISORDirector of News-Content Coordinator

MAJOR ADMINISTRATORDirector, Broadcast Services


The Senior Fine Arts Producer is responsible for producing, selecting, and/or assisting in the production of KSMU programming relating to the creative arts (music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, film) with particular emphasis on featuring local arts and performing organizations. The Senior Fine Arts Producer establishes and helps to maintain the lively, informed, and professional creative arts environment of the radio station’s air sound by hosting or producing various air shifts, locally produced programs and features as required, and maintains a wide-ranging record library of quality music on compact discs and related media.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Mass Communications, Music, or a related field is required.

Experience: At least two years experience as a radio announcer, news reporter, or producer is required; public radio announcing and news experience is preferred. A broad knowledge of classical and jazz music as well as foreign languages is preferred. A broad knowledge of the visual and performing arts is preferred.

Skills: The ability to operate broadcast equipment is required. Familiarity with digital editing and production techniques is required.

Effort: Must be able to lift and carry materials weighing between five and twenty-five pounds.

Other: The scope of the position requires the Senior Fine Arts Producer to be available to respond to on-air emergencies around-the-clock.


1. Ensures that the University’s public radio station, KSMU, attracts, maintains, and increases its listening audience by establishing the creative arts environment or tone of the radio station’s air sound by producing or assisting in the production of programs and features pertaining to the creative arts and working with KSMU’s volunteer and independent program producers in production and post-production of their regular musical programs in various genres.

2. Ensures that KSMU is able to offer musical programming consistent with its stated goals by maintaining a wide-ranging library of quality music by making purchase recommendations, receiving, cataloging, and storing music on tapes, records, and compact discs, and applying personal knowledge of classical and jazz styles, forms, composers, and performers to the selection and scheduling of locally-produced musical programs.

3. Promotes a lively, informed, and professional air sound by assisting in training student announcers and hosting/producing various air shifts and locally produced programs as required.

4. Promotes a positive image of the station and the University in the community through participation in community and professional organizations, representing the University at professional meetings and on community committees, producing programs featuring local arts and performing organizations, and establishing and maintaining credible relations with local and area arts community representatives.

5. Provides support and publicity for local arts and performing organizations by producing a weekly on-air “arts calendar” and maintaining an online text version of same.

6. Supports fund-raising efforts by participating as an on-air personality during pledge drives conducted by KSMU Radio Station.

7. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Director of News-Content Coordinator.

8. Contributes to the overall success of KSMU Radio Station by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Senior Fine Arts Producer is supervised by the Director of News-Content Coordinator and may supervise student employees.