5080 Chief Engineer - TV


TITLE Chief Engineer - TV




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Broadcast Services

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Vice President of Research and Economic Development


The Chief Engineer - TV ensures that the technical facilities of Ozarks Public Television (OPT) operate at the highest quality within required guidelines and within the established budget. The Chief Engineer - TV provides daily management and supervision to the Broadcast Engineers – TV, the Information Technologies Coordinator-TV, the Master Control Supervisor, and the Master Control Operators.


Education: An Associate’s degree in Electronics, Applied Science, or a related field is required; a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Applied Science, or a related field is preferred.

Experience: At least three years of experience as a broadcast engineer is required. Supervisory experience is required. Experience developing and monitoring a capital and operations budgets is required.

Skills: The ability to manage multiple projects and employees with different skills and job function is required. The ability to design, procure, install, and maintain broadcast facilities is required. Effective oral and written communication skills are required. Skill in using a variety of test equipment, hand tools, and an understanding of the operation, maintenance, and repair of broadcast equipment is required. Grant writing skills preferred.

Effort: Occasional long hours may be required for maintenance or repair of equipment and transmission facilities. Must be able to lift and move heavy equipment weighing up to 50 pounds on a weekly basis, assisting others or using devices to move heavier objects on an occasional basis. Must have vision correctable to read test equipment meters and gauges and sufficient mobility and coordination to operate hand tools. Access to reliable transportation and a telephone is required.


1. Ensures the highest quality television signal by overseeing the daily operations of the engineering and master control functions.

2. Ensures that broadcast equipment is maintained and operates within broadcast standards and guidelines provided by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other regulatory agencies by developing, scheduling, performing, and supervising routine, preventive, and emergency maintenance of technical equipment located in the studio and at transmitter sites.

3. Ensures that KOZK and KOZJ remains in compliance with regulatory organizations by maintaining the required FCC documents required for daily operations, updating federal agencies that have funded equipment, and filing reports with the FCC and other federal and local agencies as required.

4. Helps to assure the future of OPT by contributing to the design, budget planning, technical considerations, and construction planning of the conversion to high definition digital facilities.

5. Assures high quality broadcasts by recommending the purchase of equipment, parts, and supplies as needed, assuring that purchases are within the constraints of the operating budget, developing plans for the installation of new and replacement equipment, and creating technical plans and wiring diagrams, as needed.

6. Develop the capital equipment budget for OPT based on input from all Broadcast Services departments by researching current and new technologies in the broadcast industry, preparing specifications for bids, recommending the purchase of equipment, designing and updating CAD drawings, developing installation plans, and installing the equipment.

7. Helps to obtain grants and other sources of funding for the purchase of broadcast equipment by researching available grants and preparing grant applications.

8. Assures the continuing operation of KOZK/KOZJ by serving as the on-call technical engineer and master control operator as scheduled and provide technical advice for other staff on-call.

9. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development seminars, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Director of Broadcast Services.

10. Helps to ensure the continued success of OPT by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Chief Engineer - TV is supervised by the Director of Broadcast Services and supervises Broadcast Engineers – TV, the Information Technologies Coordinator-TV, the Master Control Supervisor, and Master Control Operators.


MARCH 2007