5046 Telecommunications Technician- Lead


TITLE Telecommunications Technician- Lead




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Telecommunications Specialist

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Coordinator of Networking Services


The Telecommunications Technician - Lead ensures high quality installation, maintenance, and operation/performance of the University’s telecommunications systems. The Telecommunications Technician - Lead has responsibility for installing, maintaining, and servicing a variety of telephone equipment, plus installing voice and data communication circuits and limited aspects of video transmission. The Telecommunications Technician - Lead utilizes a working knowledge of Avaya’s Communications Architecture including diagnostic testing and responding to system failures, conducting preventative maintenance, and interpreting circuit diagrams as part of routine maintenance and troubleshooting procedures. In the absence of the Telecommunications Specialist the Telecommunications Technician - Lead is responsible for organizing and completing the technical day-to-day operations including assigning work orders and servicing trouble calls.


Education: An Associate’s degree or completion of college courses equivalent to an Associate’s degree with an emphasis in Electronics is required. However, significant telecommunications technician experience (at least 3 years beyond the minimum required for the position) may be substituted for the Associate’s degree.

Training: Prior completion of a comprehensive training program on Avaya Communication Architecture is preferred.

Experience: At least two years of technical work experience with electronic communication equipment and systems is required, preferably Avaya. Experience at an institution of higher education is preferred.

Certification: Certification on Avaya Communication Architecture is preferred. Certification on the installation of Category 5 UTP cabling is preferred.

Skills: Communication system analysis, troubleshooting, and repairs skills are required. Knowledge of the theories and techniques involved in the implementation and maintenance of private and public telecommunications networks and telecommunications equipment operation and use is required. The ability to use and operate data circuit analyzers, a personal computer, communications signal tracer, and other tools and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications systems is required. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are required. Must be familiar with twisted pair, fiber, and coax installation methods and color coding conventions. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. Familiarity with CommScope SYSTIMAX structured cabling systems is preferred.

Effort: The position requires climbing ladders, lifting materials, entrance and exit of tunnels, manholes, cable enclosure areas, ceilings, etc. and regular use of small hand tools and test equipment. The ability to work in noisy switch rooms, hot, moist, and dirty tunnels and manholes, and environments that are cold, windy, and undesirable for long-term exposure is required. The position requires work in various locations, such as construction areas, labs, etc., and in close quarters in tunnels and wiring closets.


1. Maintains “zero downtime” for Avaya’s communication equipment and related equipment by performing prescribed preventive and operational maintenance by reviewing reported problems, identifying and locating the source of the problem, diagnosing and analyzing the problem by using telecommunications test equipment, diagnostic functions, and troubleshooting techniques, interfacing with and assisting off-campus telecommunications vendors in problem elimination, identifying and replacing or repairing faulty components, circuits, etc., proving repairs and performance, ensuring that network documentation is updated, performing remote diagnostics, and following procedures for reporting and responding to system alarms.

2. Installs voice and data communications facilities and equipment by planning network facilities’ projects, determining cable, wire and equipment needed to accomplish the service requested, installing circuits, cross-connects, equipment, etc, interconnecting circuits to Avaya’s communication equipment or at the point of demarcation, testing and verifying proper operation of the installed circuits and/or equipment, verifying that the circuits and/or the equipment provides the service requested by the customer, completing the work order showing the work is completed, ensuring the network documentation is updated, and interfacing with off-campus telecommunications vendors.

3. Assumes responsibility for the cable plant by determining and assigning the appropriate inside cable pairs, working in concert with contracted workers for required changes in cable pair assignments due to discrepancies in bad pairs, coordinating with cable maintenance and installation crews on locating cable, cable tray, conduits, access panels and manholes for the construction, adding and/or maintaining the cable plant, reviewing and verifying all completed work orders for accuracy of cable assignments, and recording all changes to both outside and inside cable plant utilizing the automated cable record maintenance system.

4. Coordinates and oversees contracted work with the contractor, providing specific instructions and/or help on projects, inspecting completed work for acceptance and compliance with University and industry standards, testing and accepting completed contractor work, and ensuring that network documentation is updated.

5. Maintains inventory and stocks and recommends purchase of both technical and non-technical supplies.

6. Supports Computer Services by providing consultation on special telephone/data communications services and projects and assisting in ensuring the proper allocation and retention of adequate spare and reserve capacity of network resources.

7. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

8. Remains current with telecommunications industry standards and principles through regular review and study of technical journals, periodicals, and textbooks, attending training on troubleshooting and installation policies, practices, and procedures, and attending vendor and other industry training courses and seminars.

9. Helps to assure the overall success of Computer Services by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Telecommunications Technician - Lead is supervised by the Telecommunications Specialist and may supervise other staff and student workers.