3656 Senior Admission Evaluator-Graduate College


TITLE Senior Admission Evaluator-Graduate College




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director, Graduate Enrollment Management




The Senior Admissions Evaluator – Graduate College evaluates and processes Graduate College applications, residency status, transcripts, and test scores to determine the prospective student’s eligibility for admission.  The Senior Admissions Evaluator – Graduate College communicates with prospective graduate students about program-specific and Graduate College requirements, materials that need to be submitted for admission, and their status in the admission process. The Senior Admission Evaluator-Graduate College processes admission decisions and assures that new graduate students have the appropriate status within the system and are able to register for classes.  The Senior Admission Evaluator-Graduate College works with admitting academic departments and administrative offices to answer questions and facilitate the enrollment and class registration process. 




Education/Experience: A Bachelor’s degree is required. Project management experience and/or experience working with complex processes is required.  Experience with admissions processes in institutions of higher education is preferred.


Skills:  Must be knowledgeable in the use of computerized management information systems, preferably Banner.  Effective interpersonal and excellent verbal and written communication skills and sensitivity to issues related to the retention and recruitment of a diverse student body are required.  The ability to work with a minimum of supervision is required.  The ability to learn and follow complex procedures and detailed policies are required.   Effective decision-making skills are required.  Keyboarding and data entry skills, with attention to detail, are required.  The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.


Effort: Considerable data entry work is required.  The position requires extended periods of time at a computer station and extensive utilization of information displayed on a computer monitor.




1. Assists, as directed, in hiring and training new admissions staff, including full-time and part-time staff and graduate assistants and provides oversight and guidance when the assigned supervisor is out of the office.


2. Screens applications for an admission recommendation by reviewing, evaluating, and processing Graduate College applications, verifying residency status, recording criminal or dismissal history, reviewing and processing transcripts and test scores, scanning and indexing documents, and preparing Admission Recommendation Forms according to established policies and procedures. 


3. Updates the administrative business system with applicant and admission data, ensuring information is correct and current in order to facilitate various processes, such as the admissions and registration processes.


4. Serves as a liaison and resource for other offices that process applications.


5. Keeps applicants updated on their status and informed on materials that are needed to complete the admission process.


6. Ensures prompt and accurate processing of applications for admissions by coding applications using an established system, merging application data to the computer data system, matching applications with transcripts received, informing applicants of credentials required to complete application processing, and contributes to the supervision of student employee(s) who assist in the processing of applications.


7. Processes materials and program director decisions for graduate students who wish to add or change their current academic area.


8. Processes admission decisions by updating the administrative business system and assigning the advisor. 


9. Serves as the initial contact for applicants (current or future) by responding promptly to phone, email, and walk-in inquires.


10. Assists recruitment efforts by providing information to prospective students about program-specific and Graduate College admission requirements.


11. Provides information to new graduate students about the registration process, the role of the advisor, electronic/computer resources, etc.


12. Downloads test scores from testing services and loads scores into computerized management information systems (databases).


13. Extracts transcripts from electronic transcript service providers.


14. Supports efforts in resolving issues related to duplicated student records.


15. Creates individual correspondence for each applicant by coding various details of the applicant’s status, allowing students to receive personalized information in their admission decision correspondence.


16. Ensures quality service to applied, prospective, and current students by responding to inquiries regarding policies, procedures, and programs of the University.


17. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.


18. Contributes to the overall success of the Graduate College by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned as a member of the Graduate College team.




The Senior Admissions Evaluator – Graduate College is supervised by the Director, Graduate College Enrollment Management and assists with the supervision of part-time staff, graduate assistants, and student employees.