3535 Registration and Records Assistant WP


TITLE Registration and Records Assistant WP





MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Dean of Student Services


The Registration and Records Assistant processes various registration transactions, maintains the accuracy of academic records for current and former students, and produces transcripts.  The Registration and Records Assistant interprets charges to students, verifies the accuracy of charges, and makes corrections to charges, if necessary.  The Registration and Records Assistant resolves student registration issues, processes changes due to appeals and grade changes, verifies GPAs to assure accuracy of the electronic student information system calculation, among several other job responsibilities.  The Registration & Records Assistant ensures compliance with established University policies and guidelines and exercises independent judgment in the absence of established procedures and discretion in the dissemination of information.  The Registration & Records Assistant maintains a computerized student information system for registration and management of records, inputs data, prepares forms, correspondence, and related documents, and utilizes word processing/personal computer equipment to input, revise, store, and retrieve such documents.  


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required; forty-eight or more hours of college credit is preferred.

Experience: Four years of office clerical experience is required. Specialized training or education beyond high school which includes knowledge of general office procedures and the skills required for the position may be substituted for two of the four years of required work experience.  Two or more years of experience within a college or university records/registration office are preferred.

Skills: Keyboarding ability is required.  A working knowledge of computers and a functional knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets, data entry, and database management is required.  Strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to operate electronic, photocopier or other standard office machines, maintain complex filing systems and records, and make arithmetic calculations and reconcile records are required. Supervisory skills and the ability to train and review the work of others are required.  The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. Knowledge or working experience with an integrated student information system is preferred.

Effort: Clerical positions are primarily sedentary. Clerical positions require keyboarding, which may be extensive at times, on a daily basis.


1.  Ensures delivery of efficient and effective registration, change of schedule, and withdrawal services to students by performing all registration functions, reviewing prerequisite requirements, checking repeats, verifying assessment of course fees, lab fees, and additional student fees, and processing class cancellations, drops due to unmet prerequisites, and drops/withdrawals due to non-attendance.

2. Provides registration services and support to all campuses, including China, by processing registrations, drops, withdrawals, assisting with on-site extended registrations, and communicating information and policies to extended campus students with an emphasis on problem resolution.

3. Assists in the daily operation of the Registration & Records Office by contributing to the development of procedures for the accurate and efficient maintenance of student records, updating addresses, phone numbers, name changes, major or degree changes, and emergency contact information in a computerized student information system.

4.  Maintains accurate academic records which are in compliance with University policies by processing each semester’s grading cycle, grade changes, and academic renewals, recalculating GPA’s, verifying the computerized conversion of academic information, and providing transcripts and enrollment verification to students, institutions or companies in a timely manner as requested.

5.  Supports the department and students by greeting students, faculty, employees, and visitors, directing them to the appropriate offices or persons, providing phone assistance to students registering online, as well as responding to routine inquiries, taking messages, routing calls, and printing schedules. 

6. Performs records management of a complex filing system by receiving, sorting and distributing office files and documents, updating files and records, and purging documents as needed.

7.  Provides required or requested information and/or data for reports or records by researching departmental files and electronic records, retrieving data from a computerized student information system, running computerized reports, compiling and/or tabulating statistics, and presenting the information in a useable and understandable format.

8.  Ensures that standard documents and forms (e.g., registration form, change of schedule form, change of student information form, grade change authorization, assignment of “I” grade) are completed properly by the originator (e.g., student, faculty, staff) by reviewing those and similar documents for accuracy and completeness, and returning incomplete/inaccurate documents for correction or assisting the originator in completing such forms.

9. Safeguards the confidentiality of departmental or office administration by being knowledgeable of University and/or departmental policies regarding confidential materials and information and exercising discretion when handling confidential items or providing information to University employees, students, or the public.

10. Prepares and directs written communication to students as necessary (e.g., student letters and emails, non-attendance communication, graduation requirements), processes incoming and outgoing departmental mail, and organizes and orders departmental supplies.

11.  Communicates with office staff regarding daily activities, office procedures, and cross-training of tasks.

12. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

13.  Contributes to the overall success of the Registration & Records Office by performing all other duties as assigned.


The Registration and Records Assistant is supervised by the Registrar.