2493 Fieldwork Education and Admission Specialist


TITLE Fieldwork Education and Admission Specialist




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Department Head, Occupational Therapy


The Fieldwork Education and Admission Specialist assists the Department Head and Academic fieldwork Coordinator with the placement of Occupational Therapy (OT) students into integrated fieldwork experiences and full-time rotations in occupational therapy clinical settings, including acute care, rehabilitation, outpatient, skilled nursing, and specialist areas. The Fieldwork Education and Admission Specialist provides professional academic advisement and support to prospective students from Missouri State University, high schools, community colleges, and feeder institutions. Responsibilities include: supporting prospective and current OT students as well as Fieldwork Educators and Student Coordinators of Clinical Education; data entry and management within database software applications (e.g., E*Value, OTCAS, and Banner); and planning recruitment events, utilizing technology and electronic resources for outreach and marketing e.g., web page, social media; and producing reports for internal and external stakeholders (e.g.,  Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Student Coordinators of Clinical Education, the Department Head, and College Dean, the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education, and state and federal entities).


Education and Experience: An associate degree with at least four years of experience is required. A bachelor’s degree with at least two years of experience is preferred. Experience working with an allied health program or as an occupational therapy practitioner is preferred. An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills (including working collegially with undergraduate and graduate health professions students, faculty, clinicians, and administrators across and outside campus), organizational, and time management skills are required. The ability to work autonomously and demonstrate effective decision-making skills is required. A working knowledge of various computer and database applications is required. Ability to be detail-oriented and  learn and follow complex procedures and policies while using MSU’s operating systems and infrastructure is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Other: The scope of the position occasionally requires work in the evenings and on weekends.  Some travel may be necessary to meet with prospective students and advisors at area high schools, community colleges, and other feeder institutions.


1. Serves as a liaison between the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator and clinical sites in Missouri, out-of-state, and internationally. Maintains and nurtures contacts with administrators and clinicians of approved clinical sites and placements for integrated and full-time clinical experiences for OT students.

2. Initiates and manages clinical education agreements between the University and clinical sites ensuring all agreements are reviewed by legal counsel and are up-to-date.

3. Utilizes database application software (E*Value, OTCAS, Banner, etc,) to secure, track, maintain, and disseminate up-to-date documentation related to student admission, academic progress, and site requirements (i.e. background checks, required immunizations, CPR certification, physical examinations, TB testing, OSHA, and HIPAA training) required for participation in program and fieldwork activities.

4. Manages data entry and data management related to E*Value and other clinical education software specific to individual clinic sites and links students to assigned fieldwork educators and clinical sites.

5. Creates reports using database application software (E*Value, OTCAS, Banner, etc.)  to support state and federal reporting accreditation and internal program review.

6. Assists with scheduling current OT students for supervised integrated fieldwork experiences during the didactic portion of the curriculum.

7. Effectively collaborates with academic units within the McQueary College of Health and Human Services and across the University to help determine best recruitment, marketing, admissions, and prospective student advisement practices and procedures.

8. Assists, as needed, with new employee selection, orientation, training, and mentorship.

9. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

10. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Department Head and/or Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.

11. Supports the overall success of the Occupational Therapy Department by performing all other duties as assigned.


Fieldwork Education and Admission Specialist is supervised by the Department Head, Occupational Therapy.