2440 Professional Education Advisor-Recruiter


TITLE Professional Education Advisor-Recruiter




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director of Student Services-Certification Officer

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Dean, College of Education (or Designee)


The primary duties of the Professional Education Advisor-Recruiter are to assist postbaccalaureate and masters-level teacher certification students pursuing all areas of teacher certification in the development of academic schedules appropriate for their stated educational goals, meet with potential teacher certification students to discuss certification options at both the postbaccalaureate and masters level, provide general information about teacher certification requirements for the State of Missouri, and complete a formal transcript analysis to determine the coursework required for certification. The Professional Education Advisor-Recruiter maintains necessary records to monitor the academic progress of students, refers students to resources within the University that provide assistance to students having difficulty, and reviews prior coursework and applies it to certification programs.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree is required; a Bachelor’s degree in Education is preferred.

Experience: At least one year of academic advising experience is required where knowledge of federal, state, and higher education policies and procedures has been gained or one year of K-12 or University employment in which a thorough knowledge of academic programs was required. Teaching experience is preferred.

Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills, in particular the ability to work with the public in person and by telephone, are required. Strong oral and written communication and organizational skills are required. Computer literacy is required.

Other: Responsibilities may require travel to locations outside the city of Springfield and/or overnight travel.


1. Provides an essential student service of advisement to postbaccalaureate and masters-level students by being knowledgeable of academic policies and procedures unique to the education programs of Missouri State University; assisting students in the development of academic schedules appropriate for their stated educational goals (including all areas of teacher certification); registering first semester students for classes; processing add/drops; and directing students to resources within the University that provide other assistance as appropriate.

2. Ensures that postbaccalaureate and masters-level teacher certification students meet the requirements (in the proper sequence) for state teacher certification by monitoring the academic progress of advisees to determine their eligibility for certification including the achievement of required grade point averages and the results of required tests (PRAXIS II, and/or ACT), communicating with advisees about academic or program deficiencies which may deny certification, and providing viable suggestions for correcting deficiencies.

3. Facilitates the academic progress of students toward completion of a certification program by completing a formal transcript analysis and GPA calculation relative to certification program requirements, advising them of their status, counseling students regarding curriculum deficiencies in terms of the completion of required courses for the certification and in terms of grades received in courses already completed.

4. Facilitates the selection of all postbaccalaureate and masters-level students to participate in supervised teaching experiences by reviewing the records of current advisees and making recommendations about the readiness of advisees to participate in supervised teaching.

5. Meets with prospective teacher certification students to perform unofficial analysis of their transcripts for certification and assists them in determining the certification program that best fits their needs, responds to teacher certification inquiries via email, and maintains the Teacher Certification Office In-Box.

6. Manages the enrollment in courses by granting permission for certain courses, reviewing requests for class adds and drops, recommending approval for add requests, and approving drop requests which are appropriate for the student and his/her academic major.

7. Assists in the initial certification process for all undergraduate, postbaccalaureate and masters-level students, processes out-of-state and provisional certificate paperwork for all certification students, and assists in the administration of the “Teacher’s Aide Rule” by processing paperwork and performing site visits in K-12 schools.

8. Supports the College of Education by participating in recruiting events as assigned.

9. Oversees the maintenance of all teacher certification office electronic and paper files and the maintenance processes to update those files and monitors the curriculum change process and assists with documentation to be sent to DESE regarding those changes.

10. Assists in the development of web and print publications including the Teacher Certification Office website, Postbaccalaureate Guide to Certification, Academic Program Guides, DESE Certification Matrix, and MoSTEP Matrix.

11. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Director of Student Services-Certification Officer.

12. Contributes to the overall success of the Office of Student Services by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Professional Education Advisor-Recruiter is supervised by the Director of Student Services-Certification Officer and may supervise graduate assistants or student workers.