1949 Custodial Services Coordinator


TITLE Custodial Services Coordinator




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Director of Residence Life and Services


The Custodial Services Coordinator performs responsible supervisory and administrative work in directing custodial services and supervising the activities of custodial staff, both directly and indirectly, ensuring that custodial services meet the guidelines established by the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations. The Custodial Services Coordinator maintains appropriate administrative and personnel records affecting custodial operations and enforces University policies,


Education: A high school diploma or the equivalent is required. Completion of any recognized technical training courses in custodial services is preferred.

Experience: At least six years of experience in custodial services is required, which includes at least three years of supervisory experience. Work experience in residence hall facilities is required.

Skills: Supervisory and administrative skills are required. Knowledge of custodial procedures, supplies, and equipment and the ability to instruct others in their proper application are required. Knowledge of OSHA, NIOSH, and other safety regulations pertaining to custodial operations is required. Knowledge of contract bidding, specification writing, material recovery operations (recycling), and associated responsibilities are required. Management skills, particularly in planning, organizing, and delegation of responsibilities, are required. Demonstrated oral and written communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills are required.

Effort: Requires the ability to inspect the cleanliness of facilities by physically examining each building; requires some climbing, bending and reaching.

Other: Scope of the position requires responding to custodial emergencies or other unforeseen situations around-the-clock.


1. Ensures that custodial personnel have the equipment and supplies necessary to perform custodial services and that contract services are available as needed and provided as specified by communicating and coordinating with the Custodial Support Services Supervisor, who oversees the purchasing process and contracted services.

2. Enforces University rules and policies regarding employee conduct by advising custodial personnel of the University's rules and policies on employee conduct, issuing verbal warning and written reprimands for violations, and recommending termination of employment to the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations as necessary.

3. Ensures that custodial services meet the guidelines established by the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations by developing long-range plans for the purchase and replacement of equipment, training, staffing needs, and needed contract services.

4. Ensures that custodial services meet the needs of the University and established custodial guidelines by planning and scheduling custodians to work for special events and assigning overtime.

5. Advises the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations of the condition of University buildings and facilities by conducting inspections of these areas, inspecting the work of custodial personnel and reporting problems to the Associate Director, Supervisors, Foreman, or Specialists, as appropriate, reporting the results of the inspections with particular emphasis on needed repairs, and contacting Work Management to report safety issues, student needs, light outages, and contractor abuse of University property.

6. Develops an effective staff by hiring qualified applicants, training employees to standards, supervising the performance of departmental tasks, evaluating employee performance, and directing corrective measures to be taken when necessary.

7. Coordinates and directs summer camps and conferences cleaning operations, manages guest apartments, laundry and linen services as well as move-in or move-out operations.

8. Reduces the likelihood of injury to or unsafe practices by custodial employees by planning, directing, or performing personnel safety training regarding supplies and equipment, making information available to all employees through posting on bulletin boards, and maintaining a file of all publications and bulletins regarding safety information.

9. Oversees the acquisition of contract services by working with the Custodial Support Services Supervisor.

10. Protects the condition of University facilities, offices, furniture, and equipment by coordinating moving services throughout Residence Life and arranging for seating, staging, tables, and similar items to be set up for all Residence Life events and activities.

11. Facilitates the participation by the University in the materials recovery program of the state by coordinating the removal and purchase of recyclables.

12. Ensures proper implementation of University Energy Management and Hazardous Materials Programs by directing the purchase, storage, installation, and disposal of various bulbs and lamps required in University facilities.

13. Remains competent and current through self-directed reading related to custodial services, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations.

14. Contributes to the overall success of Residence Life and Services by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Custodial Services Coordinator is supervised by the Associate Director of Residence Life – Facilities & Operations, supervises the Custodial Support Services Supervisor and Foremen directly, supervises Custodians and Custodial Crews in unique or exceptional instances, and makes recommendations which are given particular weight regarding the hiring, firing, advancement, promotion, and other changes of status of those supervised.


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