1381 Project Manager - Architect


TITLE Project Manager-Architect




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR University Architect and Director of Planning, Design & Construction

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Vice President of Administrative Services


The Project Manager-Architect provides management of assigned projects within the University system, including coordinating all activity on these projects from programming and concept through occupant move-in, with the primary focus on the application of architectural knowledge as it applies to the design of commercial and institutional buildings.  These projects may be accomplished in-house or through a consultant employed by the University to assist with the project.  The Project Manager-Architect assists with the selection of consultants engaged by the University, coordinates the work of the consulting firms throughout the project, and provides in-house technical and design support.  The Project Manager-Architect assists in the development of the campus master plan.


Education: A Bachelor's degree in architecture is required.

Experience: At least four years of progressively responsible experience as an architect in construction-related work which the primary focus on the design and planning of commercial and institutional buildings and field observation of construction projects is required.  Experience in all aspects of the architectural profession is preferred including programming ability, conceptualization of projects, visual presentation of these projects in various media, and actual preparation of construction documents that clearly convey the requirements of intended designs for the purpose of bidding and constructing commercial and institutional facilities. Demonstrated experience working effectively in a diverse environment is preferred.

License: Architectural registration is required.  Missouri registration is preferred.

Skills:  Strong knowledge of building codes, industry standards, and contract language applicable to the construction industry is required.  A strong knowledge of materials and methods of construction, including proper detailing of architectural building systems is required.  Knowledge of CAD, spreadsheets, word processing, and similar computing systems is required.  The ability to prepare sketches and renderings in various forms of media to adequately convey the concepts of projects or prepare representations of expected final constructed results is required. The ability to prepare contract documents, including plans and specifications, and the ability to read and interpret contract documents are required.  The ability to review plans and specifications and to coordinate the contract documents between the responsible parties is required.  The ability to review and properly coordinate construction contract documents is required.  Excellent communication, decision-making, and interpersonal skills are required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Requires the ability to move throughout the campus on foot, including climbing ladders and/or stairs on construction sites or in University facilities.

Other: The scope of the job frequently requires working in the evenings and on weekends, particularly during the progress of construction projects.


1. Provides effective management of assigned projects within the University system by coordinating all activity on these projects, including feasibility analysis, programming, preliminary studies and development of alternative solutions, code review, project design, development of contract documents, preparation of project estimates and budgets, solicitation, receipt, and evaluation of project bids for award to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder, construction administration, site observation of construction, management of the project budget, and project close-out.

2. Ensures that construction projects meet the needs of various campus constituencies by coordinating with appropriate student groups, faculty and/or staff committees, and pertinent campus departments such as those involved in managing and maintaining facilities, providing voice and data service, overseeing classroom technology, ensuring safety and security, etc.

3. Ensures that contract documents for assigned projects properly convey the intent and needs of the University based on information received.

4. Verifies that projects are in compliance with University design standards and the University master plan.

5. Verifies compliance with state regulations and procedures on construction projects by monitoring progress throughout the project, supervising the bidding process, including the preparation of complete construction documents which include prevailing wage rates, all bonding and insurance requirements, all qualification statements, and required minority business statements, arranging proper advertising of the project to allow contractors sufficient time for bid preparation, assuring proper issuance of addenda, receiving bids, reviewing bids to ensure completeness, determining the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder, and awarding the contract.

6. Promotes and supports the University’s statement on sustainability by planning, designing, and constructing capital projects and physical improvements using sustainable principles such as those established by the U. S. Green Building Council and following guidelines such as those set forth by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and other similar organizations.

7. Ensures that the conditions of contract documents for assigned projects are met by contractors through construction administration which includes observing the progress of construction, interpreting plans and specifications, recommending change orders, and serving as a liaison between the consultant and/or contractor and the University.

8. Coordinates the activities of other University departments and outside vendors for items such as scheduling the availability of spaces, relocation of occupants, voice/data wiring, installation of classroom technology, procurement of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment, and location of existing utilities, etc., as necessary for the successful completion and occupancy of the project.

9. Ensures the success of capital projects and physical improvements by coordinating with Facilities Management from the installation and commissioning of engineered systems and preparation for occupancy continuing throughout the life of the facilities; on an ongoing basis, works with Facilities Management to develop solutions to facility-related problems.

10. Assists in the development and maintenance of departmental policies, guidelines, and standards applicable to the entire University and assists with dissemination of this information by various means, including face-to-face interactions, published guidelines, and web pages.

11. Assists with the development and maintenance of University design standards to be used in the development of contract documents for campus projects.

12. Assists in the collection and analysis of data needed for short-, mid-, and long-term planning for facilities, capital projects, and infrastructure to meet campus program and growth requirements.

13.  Assists in the identification of problems, trends, and future facility or infrastructure needs and makes recommendations.

14.  Assists with issues such as programming needs for projects and develops solutions in order to prepare preliminary budgets so that informed decisions can be made.

15. Represents the University with on-campus and off-campus groups and organizations related to planning, design, and construction issues.

16. Assists in ensuring compliance of projects with all building and life safety codes adopted by the University, Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines (ADAAG), and other applicable regulations.

17. Assists in the preparation of requests for qualifications for outside consulting firms and in the review of responses received for these requests, participates in the selection of the consultants, and assists in documenting the selection process for auditing purposes.

18. Promotes a positive and cooperative image of the University with the construction industry by assisting in coordination between the University and various agencies.

19. Facilitates the successful completion of all University construction projects by compiling appropriate and necessary documentation regarding the projects.

20. Advises the immediate supervisor on the condition of existing University buildings and facilities by inspecting facilities on a regular basis and preparing reports with recommendations for actions to correct deficient or unsafe conditions in facilities.

21. Reduces the reliance of the University on outside consultants, particularly with less significant projects, by providing in-house technical and design support and expertise.

22. Assists with and prepares required and requested reports to federal and state agencies regarding University projects.

23. Assists in fund-raising efforts for campus construction projects by assisting in the preparation of applications and other necessary supporting materials for construction grants, loans, and donations.

24. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

25. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the supervisor.

26. Contributes to the overall success of Planning, Design & Construction by performing all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


The Project Manager-Architect is supervised by the University Architect and Director of Planning, Design & Construction and may oversee tasks assigned to support staff and student employees.