1349 Manager, Transportation


TITLE Manager, Transportation




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Director, University Safety


The Manager, Transportation manages planning, budgeting, training, and programming related to University parking, vehicle leasing, fleet operations, and the shuttle system.  The Manager, Transportation leads and directs the activities of the Transportation Services staff, collects data and prepares reports to comply with state and federal regulations, provides information to the University, and verifies utilization of parking, leasing, fleet, and shuttle operations.  


Education: A Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in management, business administration, civil engineering, or logistics and operations management. A Master’s degree in the specified disciplines is also preferred.  An equivalent combination of years of experience and education may be considered for substitution of educational requirements.

Experience: At least three years of administrative and supervisory experience is required. Experience working with parking or fleet administration is required. Budget experience is required. Working with federal and state transit regulations; working with the administration of Federal Transit Administration (FTA)-funded projects is preferred. Grant writing or grant administration experience; experience in parking administration, fleet operations, or shuttle administration in a higher education setting is preferred.

Skills: Leadership and supervisory skills; analytical skills; strong verbal and written communication skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills are required. Computer skills; the ability to administer shuttle and parking software systems is required. The ability to develop training and performance standards: ability to manage a budget is required: solve problems and make appropriate decisions is required. The ability to clearly communicate ideas, facts, and concepts to all University constituencies; to develop policy and procedures; to plan, organize, and manage a campus-wide shuttle system is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.    

Other: A valid driver’s license is required. This position is designated as an essential employee and must report to work as scheduled when University offices are closed due to severe weather.


1. Manages the daily operations of the University parking system through administration of the campus parking management software, including permits, citations, appeals, and billing and the campus parking meters program, including meter placement, meter maintenance, multi-space meter, parking space counters, and parking lot maintenance.

2. Collects and analyzes data for reports about parking on campus; assures efficient parking permit sales to students, employees, and visitors and coordinates with Financial Services regarding the proper accounting and security of funds.

3. Communicates effectively with the faculty, staff, students, and the public about parking operations, regulations, procedures, the availability of parking, and the status of parking violations; develops, revises, and maintains parking regulations for the Springfield campus as well as oversees the design and printing of parking maps and parking permits.

4. Provides leadership to the staff to ensure that they are effectively serving the campus community and provides training on policies, procedures, regulations, and customer service skills.

5. Oversees local, state, and federal FTA regulatory compliance including Triennial Reviews, grant administration, and preparation of the Transit Award Management Systems (TrAMS) report and National Transit Data (NTD) report, as required.

6. Updates the annual Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and revises and prepares the shuttle ‘revenue miles’ report with route or schedule changes.

7. Coordinates and participates in coordination efforts at the University, local, state, and federal levels and participates in or facilitates meetings and information sessions to educate and improve the understanding of the transit system services internally and externally.

8. Optimizes the utilization of parking resources available by tracking the capacity of parking lots, maintaining waiting lists of permits in particular lots, researching the identity of persons with violations who have not been issued parking permits, providing background information on violations and violators to the parking appeals administrator, providing staff support to the Transportation Advisory Committee, and analyzing parking management software data to provide recommendations for parking improvements or changes to regulations.

9. Ensures the effective utilization of University resources and the availability of the appropriate amount of parking by helping to identify and prioritize the need for maintenance, repair, and capital improvements and managing budgets of parking facilities.  

10. Assures compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations as they relate to the University’s parking and transportation operations.

11.  Ensures appropriate signage is installed and maintained in parking areas.

12. Manages the daily operations of the University’s transit system by fielding complaints about routes, drivers, and other concerns, maintains the shuttle counter, analyzes shuttle data and prepares reports, manages the shuttle contract, and communicates regularly with the shuttle vendor to ensure quality service.  

13. Ensures that the operation of the shuttle system provides the specified services that meet University students’ goals and contractual requirements for the system by working cooperatively with the Student Government Association (SGA) and other such representative bodies as may be appropriate regarding shuttle system planning and communication of the transit system master plan and decisions to SGA representatives.

14. Manages the daily operations of the University’s vehicle fleet system by scheduling the maintenance of fleet vehicles, maintaining maintenance records, providing information to other University departments on maintenance issues and scheduling, and developing long-term fleet plans.

15. Manages the University’s vehicle leasing program by overseeing the scheduling and tracking of vehicle reservations, managing the vehicle leasing budget, overseeing the fleet fuel card system, and developing long-term vehicle leasing plans.

16. Supports the mission of the department by performing research into problems and issues, identifying and organizing information into reports, recommendations, and/or presentations, assisting in identifying resources to solve problems, developing, revising, and maintaining policies and procedures, and maintaining accurate and complete records.  

17. Contributes to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

18. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses required by the Director, University Safety Services.

19. Contributes to the overall success of the Office of University Safety by performing all other essential duties as assigned.


The Manager, Transportation is supervised by the Director, University Safety and supervises full time, part-time, and student employees within Transportation Services.