1315 Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services - West Plains


TITLE Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services - West Plains




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Chancellor, West Plains Campus


The Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services plans, organizes, and conducts business and support affairs for the West Plains campus of the Missouri State University system, to include satellite campus operations in Mountain Grove Missouri. Duties involve campus-wide functions to include business services, mail services, purchasing and contracting, physical plant operations, motor pool operations, maintenance and repair of campus infrastructure, campus safety, security, and parking, and acquisition and divestment of property. The Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services develops policies and procedures to establish and maintain legal and environmental compliance, financial accountability, fiscal control and effective resource utilization for assigned programs. The Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services represents the campus in negotiations and awarding of contracts with the authority to obligate physical and financial resources.


Education: A Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in Business, Engineering or Public Administration is required. A Master’s degree in one of those areas is preferred.

Experience: Requires a minimum of three year’s experience (including at least one year in a responsible supervisory capacity) with comprehensive management responsibilities and knowledge and familiarity in a majority of the following areas: purchasing, contract services, accounting, budgeting, insurance, campus safety and security, human resources, records management, property and equipment acquisition and management, real estate acquisition and divestment, administrative office systems and software, bid documentation, and prevailing wage documentation.  Experience at an institution of higher education or similar organization is preferred.

Skills: Leadership abilities are required. The ability to project a strong positive image of Missouri State University – West Plains through interaction with all constituencies conducting business with Missouri State University – West Plains is required. Executive problem-solving skills and the ability to organize and manage complex functions are required. Strong oral and written communication skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills are required. Computer literacy, supervisory and administrative skills are required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.


1. Ensures the coordinated delivery of essential support services for Missouri State University – West Plains by organizing the elements of the Business Office, Campus Safety and Security, Physical Plant, Motor Pool Property Control, Receiving and Purchasing in a logical, non-duplicative and efficient manner. Develops departmental policies and procedures, establishing goals and objectives which best meet the support requirements of the campus and evaluating progress toward their achievement.

2. Working in coordination with the Chancellor and other directorates, develops an annual budget for Missouri State University – West Plains and exercises fiscal management for areas under direct supervision.

3. Working in coordination with the Chancellor and campus and community constituencies, develops a campus master plan visioning guide and submits appropriate documentation to the Missouri State system for inclusion in capital project requests and updates.

4. Responsible for the planning, sourcing, and supervision of construction of capital projects associated with Missouri State University – West Plains.

5. Coordinates and administers the campus risk management program in coordination with risk management personnel in the Missouri State University system.

6. Manages real estate activities for the campus by conducting and supervising real estate procurements and divestments including appraisals, negotiations, legal recording procedures, and related records management.

7. Manages the selection, placement, utilization, and operation of campus reprographic and postage metering equipment and services for the campus, including researching available equipment to ensure adequacy for anticipated use, monitoring usage, advising departments regarding reprographic equipment purchases and rentals, and administering campus-wide service contracts for office copier machine service.

8. Provide effective office management by maintaining a records management program in accordance with State of Missouri records requirements, legal necessities, and standard business practices.

9. Maximizes institutional benefit and minimizes liability of campus contracts and grants by reviewing and recommending approval of said contracts and grants in light of the adequacy of contract terminology and content and obligation of the physical resources of the campus.

10. Ensures the campus provides a safe and secure learning environment through the review and development of policies, procedures, and operational guidelines for campus security and safety, including compliance with federal and state laws related to the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.

11. Facilitates the West Plains campus preparation and response to natural disasters (e.g., earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.), disasters, or man-made emergencies (e.g., bomb threats, active shooter, etc.) by coordinating with appropriate departments in the development and implementation of the Campus Crisis Management and Emergency Response Plan, managing the Missouri State Alert System, appointing, training, and communicating with Building Coordinators, conducting campus-wide annual drills which exercise and test the effectiveness of the plan, and updating the plan as needed.

12. Manages accident/incident reporting and ensures that senior administration is aware of the public safety implications of various situations or circumstances which may disrupt normal campus activity or threaten the safety and security of University persons, property, or equipment.

13. Manages the Human Resource and payroll functions for the West Plains campus.

14. Gathers information and develops relevant and reliable financial and managerial reporting models for performance measures, analysis, and maintenance of the strategic focus of the institution.

15. Develops a competent and effective staff by recruiting and hiring qualified applicants, providing training and orientation on departmental policies and procedures, assigning areas of responsibility, supervising work activities, and evaluating performance.

16. Facilitates a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

17. Remains competent and current by reading professional journals and literature, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as appropriate.

18. Contributes to the overall success of the campus by performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Chancellor, West Plains campus, Missouri State University system.


The Associate Vice-Chancellor for Business Support Services is supervised by the Chancellor, Missouri State University -West Plains and operates independently within a broad framework of stated objectives and university system policy guidelines.  The Associate Vice-Chancellor exercises supervision over the Business Office, Physical Plant, Motor Pool Operations, Purchasing and Personnel Management functions.