1206 Registrar


TITLE Registrar




IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services

MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR Vice President for Student Affairs


The Registrar is responsible for management of registration, assessment of fees, grading, degree audit, verification of graduation and production of diplomas, permanent storage and maintenance of student academic records, functional leadership for the administration of the student information systems, and related enrollment functions. The Registrar compiles, edits, and publishes the Missouri State University Undergraduate Catalog and supervises development of the semester class schedules. The Registrar assists in the development of and exercises control over the budget for the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar works closely with faculty and administrators in developing and implementing changes to policies, procedures, and systems, monitors the approval process for curricular proposals and other changes that affect the University’s catalog, class schedules, and databases, and implements those changes. The Registrar supports the enrollment management effort by providing essential data and management information including enrollment trends and course demand data.


Education: A Master's degree is required.

Experience: At least five years of experience in a university/college registrar office or closely related unit is required. Experience in the management and utilization of student information systems, including records, registration, degree audit, and curricular approval systems is required. Experience with Banner is preferred. Management and supervisory experience is required.

Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills are required. The ability to work effectively with complex administrative software systems, analyze and interpret data, and prepare usable information and reports for various University constituencies is required. The ability to understand and effectively apply emerging technologies in the delivery of student services is required. The ability to work with students, faculty, and staff and to project a service orientation is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Effort: Significant data entry and other computer work are required. The scope of the job requires some evening and weekend work.


1. Develops a competent, productive, and effective staff by hiring and supervising, directly and through delegation, administrative, professional, student, and clerical support personnel.

2. Oversees the effective delivery of student academic support services such as registration, fee assessment, processing of grades, maintenance of student and course records, verification of student enrollment, certification of graduation, and production of transcripts and diplomas by planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities of the Office of the Registrar, both directly and through delegation.

3. Utilizes systems, best practices, and data from various sources (e.g. other MSU offices and state and national postsecondary enrollment data) to track student enrollment patterns, monitor course availability and demand, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities in support of enrollment retention, and graduation rate initiatives and objectives.

4. Provides leadership in the implementation and ongoing utilization of student system applications (e.g., Banner, Luminus, Degree Works, and custom-built) by acquiring mastery knowledge of registrar-related modules and by effectively communicating recommendations for enhancement through cooperation with the Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator and Computer Services staff.

5. Works with the faculty governance system for curricular changes, additions, and deletions by working with faculty senate members, councils, department heads, deans, and the Office of the Provost, monitoring the progress of all curricular proposals through the approval process, implementing those changes by inclusion in the Missouri State University Catalog, Missouri State University Class Schedule, and the course and degree program databases, and modifying or implementing policies, procedures, and processes as necessary.

6. Assures the inclusion of all approved administrative changes, revisions, and updates into the Missouri State University Undergraduate Catalog, class schedules, Policy Library, and University databases as necessary.

7. Oversees the production of the Missouri State University Undergraduate Catalog by compiling data, composing text, proofreading drafts, and publishing online for students, faculty, and staff of the University.

8. Supervises the development of the class schedule by coordinating with academic departments and space management.

9. Protects the confidentiality of student academic records by enforcing the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act as amended, providing appropriate training opportunities for University faculty and staff, and properly responding to subpoenas issued to obtain student academic information in conjunction with the University’s Legal Counsel.

10. Supports the enrollment management effort by tracking course enrollment patterns, monitoring course availability and demand, and providing relevant data to academic administrators.

11. Represents the Office of the Registrar, Enrollment Services, and Student Affairs by serving on both permanent and ad hoc University committees.

12. Manages funds by developing the annual departmental budget and controlling expenditures.

13. Enforces University and departmental policies by effectively promulgating those policies to students, faculty, and staff, interpreting and applying those policies, and exercising discretionary authority to make exceptions as deemed appropriate.

14. Assures compliance with the rules, regulations, and laws which govern veterans’ programs and services by supervising the Director, Veteran Student Center who holds the designation of veterans certifying official.  

15. Ensures compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility requirements through oversight of the athletic eligibility certification process and effective cooperation with the Intercollegiate Athletics.

16. Facilitates a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

17. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contact with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services.

18. Participates in and serves as part of the Enrollment Management and Services leadership team and contributes to the overall success of the Enrollment Management and Services unit of the Division of Student Affairs by leading initiatives as directed by the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Services and performing all other duties as assigned.


The Registrar is supervised by the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, directly supervises the associate and assistant registrars and the Business Reporting and Reporting Analyst, and indirectly supervises support staff including full-time, part-time, and student employees, and makes recommendations which are given particular weight regarding the hiring, firing, advancement, promotion, and other changes of status of those supervised.