1075 Director, Greenwood Laboratory School


TITLE Director, Greenwood Laboratory School


GRADE Unclassified


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR Dean, College of Education



The Director, Greenwood Laboratory School represents and administers the Laboratory School to ensure it promotes experimentation and innovation that is integrated into the University and community cultures. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to faculty recruitment and development, faculty support and evaluation, program development, program review, curriculum development, student and parent relations and support, departmental budgeting and budget control, coordination of athletic events, and leadership in carrying out the strategic plan.


Education: A terminal degree is required.

Experience: Prior successful school administrative experience in the PK-16 level is preferred.

Certification: Must hold or qualify to obtain a valid Missouri administrative certificate as a principal or superintendent.


1. Provides instructional leadership for the Greenwood Laboratory School by ensuring the Greenwood Laboratory School Strategic Plan is fully implemented, providing and promoting research opportunities at Greenwood with the community, the colleges of Missouri State University, and colleges and universities across the nation, coordinating staff activities, committee assignments, and inservice activities for faculty and visitors, evaluating the academic progress of students, administering the promotion and tenure processes of faculty, providing for the supervision of pre-service teachers in both student teaching and practicum/clinical experiences, administrative interns, aides, and graduate students, providing leadership in facilitating the development of new and innovative programs, generating and facilitating a positive and professional atmosphere for faculty, staff, and students, maintaining and chairing a Faculty Advisory Committee, a Parent Advisory Committee, and a University/Community Advisory Committee, staying abreast of research and literature pertaining to laboratory schools and their roles with regard to innovations, experimentation, and integration into university culture, actively participating in NALS’ functions, and establishing sustained partnerships with public school districts.

2. Oversees daily school administration by supervising and meeting regularly with secretarial staff, supervising and advising administrative interns, supervising counselors and curriculum coordinators and their functions, serving as liaison with custodial, maintenance, and security services, supervising cafeteria services and staff, ensuring building and grounds safety, supervising the development and implementation of the master schedule, coordinating the school master calendar and facilities calendar (including summer school activities), supervising financial accounting (concessions, student activity accounts, student fees, etc.), coordinating and supervising data processing for scheduling, grading, and attendance, administering all budgets, maintaining the school property inventory, coordinating and implementing the board policy regarding admissions, supervising summer school, identifying staff for summer teaching positions, and ensuring the provision of summer school programs and activities.

3. Encourages faculty development by providing opportunities for faculty to interact with public school faculty on a regular, sustained basis and for faculty to visit other laboratory school sites to interact with faculty and staff, supporting the acquisition of collaborative teaching assignments with the College of Education and other colleges on campus, and providing opportunities, direction, and encouragement for faculty to engage in grant writing and the development of innovative projects and methods.

4. Ensures effective communication and positive working relationships with parents, alumni, and the media by using a variety of media to communicate professionally, openly, and continually with parents, providing leadership in the Greenwood Foundation Program, participating actively in the PTA Executive Council and Student Booster Clubs, maintaining and chairing the Parent Advisory Committee, facilitating parent and student conferences, maintaining liaison with alumni groups, and providing timely and pertinent information to the news media.

5. Helps to facilitate the success of the school’s athletics programs by supervising the coaching staff and athletic activities, supervising and approving charter bus trips, overseeing the hiring of auxiliary staff and crews for athletic events, supporting all athletic clubs, and assisting in the supervision of athletic tournaments.

6. Ensures effective student services by providing for the supervision of students in areas outside of classrooms during the school day and at athletic events, providing student discipline, administering attendance and discipline policies, supervising student activity groups and their functions, maintaining a current student handbook, and supervising student records.

7. Supports the overall success of the University by serving on college committees as requested by the Dean, attending administrative council and other administrative meetings as necessary, and providing opportunities for University faculty to teach, conduct research, and participate in laboratory school programs.


The Director, Greenwood Laboratory School is supervised by Dean, College of Education and supervises faculty, professional, support, and clerical staff at the laboratory school.