1049 Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College


TITLE Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College


GRADE Unclassified





The Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College is part of the leadership team for Academic Affairs. Areas of responsibility include overseeing the administration of the Graduate College, including budgets, graduate recruitment, student admissions, and graduate assistantships. The Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College works to ensure quality programs, promotes student and faculty research, and serves as the primary liaison in communicating and collaborating with administrators, faculty, students, and other constituents of the University on graduate education and research.


Education: A terminal degree in a discipline or related field that Missouri State University has graduate programs is required.

Experience: A record of success in all areas – teaching, research, and service – commensurate with tenure as a faculty member at the University is required. Academic administrative or leadership experience is required.

Skills: Demonstrated leadership ability is required, including a demonstrated ability to work effectively and collegially with University administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required. Effective interpersonal skills and sensitivity to issues affecting a wide range of constituencies are required. Experience in budget, financial, and personnel management is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Other: Requires a demonstrated commitment to high quality graduate education. An understanding of federal and state legislation and compliance issues that affect research and grant management, personnel decisions, and the delivery of quality educational services to students is required.


1. Provides leadership for graduate education by overseeing and coordinating all graduate programs and graduate certificates and by working in partnership with other colleges and the academic departments to achieve the University’s mission in graduate education.

2. Provides administrative oversight of the academic processes and events within the Graduate College, including graduate student recruitment, the graduate application and admission process, Program of Study approval, comprehensive examination completion, research requirement completion, graduation, scholastic actions, grievances, appeals, and permissions.

3. Manages the budget and financial affairs of the Graduate College Cost Center and supervises personnel of the Graduate College Office.

4. Coordinates the production of the Graduate Catalog and other publications of the Graduate College.

5. Facilitates and approves appointments of graduate assistantships and initial training of teaching assistants.

6. Leads the growth and development of the graduate programs by coordinating the work of the Graduate Council and its subcommittees, overseeing the review and approval of graduate-level course curricular changes, new graduate program approvals, graduate faculty appointments, and policy development and implementation.

7. Administers interdisciplinary graduate programs reporting to the Graduate College, such as the Master of Science in Administrative Studies.

8. Oversees and coordinates the University’s program review process by working with the academic departments in the preparation of their self-studies, scheduling the external visits, and developing appropriate program responses.

9. Promotes and stimulates academic research by working in collaboration with the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and International Programs.

10. Helps to ensure the achievement of the mission of the University by assisting the Provost and other Associate Provosts in the operations and responsibilities of the Office of the Provost.

11. Promotes a positive image and maintains effective relationships for the Office of the Provost by representing the Provost at various meetings, communicating with University administrators, faculty, staff, and students in matters related to academic affairs, and leading or serving on selected University committees and task forces.

12. Facilitates a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

13. Ensures that miscellaneous assignments related to academic affairs are completed in the best interest of the University by accepting and accomplishing tasks which are delegated by the Provost.


The Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate College is supervised by the Provost and supervises management, professional and administrative support staff.