0096 Chancellor West Plains Campus


TITLE Chancellor West Plains Campus


GRADE Unclassified




The Chancellor for the West Plains campus is the chief administrative officer for the West Plains campus and advises the President on all matters pertaining to the West Plains campus. Under the direction of the President, the Chancellor serves as the senior executive officer of the campus, responsible for providing visionary leadership and general management of the West Plains campus units: student services, university communications, academic affairs, development, business and support services, and university and community programs. In support of the campus’ mission, vision, and goals, the Chancellor demonstrates a commitment to instruction and student success, provides sound financial management, and advances fundraising efforts. The Chancellor serves as the chief ambassador for Missouri State – West Plains by building relationships with business, industry, alumni, educational institutions, civic organizations, and community leaders. The Chancellor is a member of the central management team for the Missouri State University System and serves as a liaison with various campus constituencies.


Education: A master's degree is required; a terminal degree is preferred.

Experience: Significant administrative/executive experience in business, education or government is required. Significant experience which demonstrates an understanding of and support for the teaching/learning process and the effective use of technology are required.

Skills: Excellent leadership skills, decision-making ability, and the ability to project a strong positive image of the University with parents, students, faculty, staff and other University constituencies are required. Strong verbal and written communication as well as excellent interpersonal skills are required. Proven ability to understand and manage complex institutional budgets is required. A demonstrated commitment to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and the promotion of diversity is required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required. Proven ability to work effectively and collegially within an organization and to negotiate with a wide range of constituencies is preferred. Proficiency in organizing and managing a professional staff in a complex organization is preferred. Fund-raising and recruiting experience are preferred.


1. Ensures campus compliance and effectively articulates the institutional mission and vision of the University by reviewing and approving unit plans, goals, and objectives, designing systems of effective control to guide work toward expected outcomes, and evaluating progress towards their accomplishment.

2. Ensures that quality educational services for students are delivered effectively and assures that educational opportunities, academic support services, and learning resources are available in a variety of settings such as the library, computer laboratories, online learning, etc.

3. Provides direction in faculty recruitment and development efforts through indirect supervision of the teaching, scholarly productivity, and service activities of the campus.

4. Advises the President, senior University administrative officers, and members of the Board of Governors on issues relating to the campus at Administrative Council and Board of Governors meetings and prepares reports, recommendations, findings, and other correspondence as required.

5. Ensures that the academic curriculum supports the mission of the University by approving/disapproving all substantive curricular proposals forwarded through the faculty curricular process, including programs of study as well as individual courses.

6. Assures the development of quality faculty and academic administrators by making promotion, tenure, appointment, and reappointment recommendations of all faculty to the President, reviewing and approving faculty development projects and grants, and working with the campus administration in the selection and appointment of academic administrators.

7. Assures the prompt and effective delivery of essential administrative and business services by organizing the various units and sub-units in a logical, non-duplicative and effective manner that best meets the work requirements of the division and the needs of the University, prioritizes staffing needs accordingly, and assumes ultimate responsibility for the units and functions of the campus.

8. Directs and coordinates the preparation of the campus' annual operating and capital budgets.

9. Facilitates the appropriate growth and development of the campus, consistent with its mission, by developing a long-range, strategic enrollment management and master plans.

10. Facilitates compliance with required internal and external review and analysis of academic programs by ensuring that assessment of academic programs and student performance are accomplished.

11. Develops mechanisms that enhance the recruitment and retention of highly qualified faculty and staff and facilitates the development of an effective and competent staff by reviewing the qualifications of staff position applicants and making decisions on the employment of all non-faculty employees.

12. Promotes a positive image and maintains the harmonious external relations by communicating with national, state, city, and other officials in matters relating to the University, and representing the President and the University in various community, state, and regional activities designed to promote Missouri State University in particular and higher education in general.

13. Coordinates, leads, and carries out successful private fund-raising, advocacy and development efforts.

14. Encourages high morale and the delivery of quality programs and services by the departments, units, and employees of the campus by employing a leadership style that motivates employees to accomplish established goals and objectives in a collegial, self-motivated manner.

15. Develops and implements long-range objectives and short-term goals to meet the needs of the campus.

16. Facilitates a learning and working environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds.

17. Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required by the President.

18. Ensures that miscellaneous assignments related to the campus are completed in the best interest of the University by accepting and accomplishing tasks which are delegated by the President.


The Chancellor for the West Plains Campus reports to the President of the University system and in turn exercises direct supervision of the deans and administrators within the Campus.