The Baker Chair of Insurance

The Baker Chair of Insurance, the first endowed academic chair at Missouri State, was activated in 1997 with the appointment of the first chair holder, John E. Patton, associate professor of insurance. The current chair holder is Dr. Puneet Prakash. The mission of the Baker Chair of Insurance is as follows:

  • To perpetuate the operation of the Missouri State insurance education program
  • To facilitate and promote high visibility for the Missouri State program
  • To promote and conduct insurance research and education programs
  • To contribute to raising additional funds for the chair endowment

The risk management and insurance academic program, including The Baker Chair of Insurance, owes a great deal to the late William G. and Retha S. Baker.

The Bakers made significant gifts to fund the Chair of Insurance. Additional financial support from individuals and risk management and insurance organizations enabled the chair to be

Earnings from the Baker Chair of Insurance Endowment are utilized to promote and enhance the program for students. Today, the program includes the Baker Chair Endowment, plus many scholarships dedicated to risk management and insurance majors and minors.