Legal Studies in Business Minor

Why consider a legal studies in business minor at Missouri State?

  • This minor can set you apart when applying for jobs in such career fields as accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, real estate and risk management.
  • You will gain valuable critical thinking and analytical skills while learning about the legal issues that face businesses in your area of interest.
  • This program will equip you to pursue law school or other graduate studies in business, finance, accounting and more.
  • You will gain experience on conducting legal research and applying it in your field of business.

Legal Studies in Business

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
  1. LAW 231(3), 332(1); 335(2) or 532(3); 341(3).
  2. Nine hours from the following which must include a minimum of six hours from Group 1:
    1. Group 1 (business courses): ACC 321(3), ACC 524(3); BUS 550/LAW 550(3); FIN 368/LAW 368(3); FIN 538/RMI 538(3); FIN 596(1-3), LAW 531(3), LAW 537(3), LAW 539(3), RMI 211(3), RMI 314(3).
    2. Group 2 (non-business courses): AGB 314(3), PHI 340(3), PLS 419(3), PLS 515(3), PLS 517(3), PSY 320(3), SFR 581(2).