Prohibited Activities

Custodial, telecommunications, and maintenance staff are not to perform any task which would cause the airborne release of asbestos fibers. They must also ensure that their activities do not damage or further disturb asbestos containing materials (ACM).

University staff must comply with the following directives related to possible ACM materials:

  • DO NOT drill holes into asbestos containing material.

  • DO NOT sand asbestos containing floor tiles, hard board panels or other nonfriable materials

  • DO NOT damage asbestos containing materials while moving furniture or other objects.

  • DO NOT use an ordinary vacuum to clean up asbestos containing debris.

  • DO NOT use compressed air to remove asbestos, or materials containing asbestos.

No university personnel (faculty, staff, or students), visitors or outside contractors shall engage in any job, project, task, or activity which may disturb known or suspect asbestos containing material without taking the proper precautions.

Prior to conducting any activity that may disturb known or suspect asbestos containing material, the responsible unit/person shall contact Design & Construction to notify of the desired activity. Design & Construction will contract with appropriately trained/certified asbestos abatement contractors. These will be the only personnel allowed to disturb, repair, or abate anyasbestos containing material, friable or non-friable, on the university campuses.

The Director of Environmental Management must be notified prior to any projects related to disturbing ACM or ACM abatement.

Project Managers must provide contractors with information about the location of known or suspected ACM in the building. They must require evidence that contractors are familiar with the asbestos abatement program, have experience working around asbestos containing materials and have adequately trained workers before they are allowed to work on or near asbestos containing materials. Only workers with the necessary training, state certifications, and company license may actually abate or disturb asbestos materials.