Policy Goals

The University will be proactive in waste reduction and in the proper handling, control, and disposal of hazardous waste, hazardous materials, bio-hazardous materials and other pollutants. The University will endeavor to protect the environment of the Ozarks by fully complying with applicable laws and regulations, and being a good steward of the resources provided for its use.

Goals include:
  • Maintain compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.
  • Provide opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to learn more about recycling, reuse, and waste reduction both on campus and at home through campus publications, on-campus awareness activities, and a dedicated webpage.
  • Reduce the amount of waste generated University-wide by encouraging the reduction of volume purchasing, using non-hazardous and non-polluting materials, minimizing the generation of waste and neutralizing waste, when permissible.
  • Encourage increased recycling of solid waste including plastic, paper, metal, cardboard, vegetative waste, and food waste, when economically feasible. Ongoing market research and the provision of proper containers and education will be a part of the efforts to reduce the amount of solid waste that is being disposed.
  • Promote re-use of “waste” within the University or by a group or organization. “Wastes”, such as pallets and excess paint, whenever possible, will be re-used rather than placed into the waste stream for disposal.