Land Disturbance Inspection Plan

The sediment control barriers for construction activities on University property shall be checked prior to each predicted rainfall event and, as required by the Land Disturbance permit (within 72 hours following each rainfall event) to make certain they are working properly. The inspections will be recorded in a log book maintained by the Director of Environmental Management and available for review during inspections by Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) staff. The University’s Environmental Management Department will be the primary inspector of the land disturbance areas.

On projects where the contractor is the primary inspector, the Director of Environmental Management will also conduct routine inspections and shall advise the head of the Office of Design & Construction of any potential deficiencies in the controls. Any necessary adjustments or corrections to the silt barrier system will be immediately implemented by the contractor having control of the site.

The Director of Environmental Management shall conduct inspections on all non-regulated land disturbance sites prior to and following each rainfall event. Immediate corrective action will be taken for any sites determined to have excess sediment leaving the property. Excess sediment may be in the form of turbidity or settleable or suspended solids as defined in the Water Quality regulations.