Hazardous Substance Response Procedures

Per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120

All emergency operations related to hazardous substances shall be conducted in accordance with the following incident management procedure. (In some cases, complicated spills will require the services of an outside clean-up contractor to protect the health and safety of campus personnel. At the point when that is determined, Missouri State University personnel should discontinue with these procedures, isolate the area, and deny entry. The outside contractor, listed in Attachment E, should then be contacted.)

  1. Response personnel will proceed with caution.
  2. Isolate area and if appropriate, set up a hazard zone and deny entry.
  3. Avoid contact with spilled product.
  4. Identify material(s).
  5. Evaluate hazards and risks.
  6. Eliminate ignition sources.
  7. Do not exceed level of skill and training when considering containment and clean-up.
  8. Utilize the “buddy system” if performing containment and/or clean-up.
  9. Choose protective clothing/equipment.
  10. Coordinate Information/resources.
  11. Take into account -- while planning the response -- interaction of incompatible materials, volatility, and flammable nature of the constituents involved.
  12. Control and confine product/material.
  13. Prevent liquid from entering drains, sewers, and confined spaces by placement of booms and/or absorbent material.
  14. Clean up spilled product.
  15. Decontaminate.
  16. Return area to service.
  17. Terminate (debrief/document/critique).