Emergency Situations

These include incidents that require immediate response by maintenance or other personnel to perform emergency maintenance or repair of failed or damaged mechanical or utility systems or facility components.

If the emergency situation has caused damage to, or disturbed known or suspect asbestos containing materials, responding personnel are to immediately contact Dispatch (417-836-5509) who will notify the Director of Environmental Management.

  • Responding personnel shall take immediate measures to protect themselves from exposure to and limit the spreading of contamination from known or suspect ACM. The emergency area shall be secure from entry by authorized personnel.
  • It maybe be necessary to utilize the University's on-call emergency contractor to facilitate emergency cleanup, repair or removal. Environmental Management will initiate response actions as appropriate by contacting the university contractor. An attempt will be made to facilitate both the emergency maintenance/repair needs as well as the containment/cleanup of damaged asbestos containing materials. Priority will be given to addressing any situations that are immediately dangerous to life or health first.