Construction Projects & Sediment Control

Missouri State University will take the necessary measures to minimize the amount of sediment and other pollutants in the storm water runoff from construction activities on University property. For land disturbance activity exceeding 1 acre, the appropriate project consultant or contractor will obtain a land disturbance permit from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

The sediment control barriers shall be installed in accordance with the site specific erosion control plan and shall be inspected in accordance with the University’s land disturbance inspection plan. Any necessary adjustments or corrections to the sediment control system will be immediately implemented by the contractor having control of the site. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources maintains A Construction Site Water Quality Field Guide that may be consulted for assistance in providing and maintaining proper sediment controls.

For non-regulated land disturbance sites, the contractor will take immediate corrective action whenever it is determined that excess sediment is leaving the property. Excess sediment is defined by regulation as 2.5 ml/L/hr for total settleable solids, however if excess turbidity or a build up of sediment in the receiving drainage is observed, corrective action will be required.

Upon completion of MDNR permitted projects and stabilization of the site, Form H-Request for Termination of General Permit, will be completed by the responsible contract.