Air Pollution

Emissions Inventory Questionnaire (EIQ)

The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and Springfield-Greene County Health Department require the annual submittal of the Emissions Inventory Questionnaire (EIQ) for all facilities that emit air pollutants listed in the air quality control regulations. The annual questionnaire is done on-line and will be completed by the Director of Environmental Management. Information for the questionnaire shall be obtained from the appropriate campus sources such as from Energy Management and the Director of Maintenance. The power plant is presently the only regulated source on the Springfield campus.

MOEIS is the electronic format for submitting the information to the MDNR. The DEM has registered with the MDNR and has been issued a user identification number and password for accessing the MOEIS system.

The Technical Support section of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources sends out EIQs at the end of the year for which emissions must be reported. This usually occurs in mid-December. For example, EIQs that are to be used to report 2004 emissions are sent out in mid-December of 2004. The EIQs are sent to facilities via certified mail to ensure that facilities receive them. The completed EIQs must be submitted to Air Pollution Control Program (APCP) by April 1. For example, the EIQs used to report 2004 emissions data must be submitted to the APCP by April 1, 2005.

Upon completion of the electronic version of the EIQ, the front page and the Emission Fees Estimation page must be printed and submitted along with a check to the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. A hard copy of the signature page and the process flow diagram are to be submitted to the State Emergency Management Agency (Division of Public Safety).