Careers and Outcomes

Careers and Outcomes

Sharing your passion for speech and theatre

The speech and theatre education program at Missouri State prepares you for certification as a speech and theatre educator. Within the program, you may emphasize in communication, which includes courses in argumentation, debate, acting and other areas represented in high school speech and theatre programs. Also, classes in interpersonal communication, small group communication, and directing forensics activities, prepare you for effective classroom management and teaching.

Within the speech and theatre education program, the primary areas of study include the following:

  • Public speaking, argumentation and debate
  • Small group and interpersonal communication
  • Acting and directing
  • Oral performances
  • Teaching

Sponsorship of this program is shared with the department of theatre and dance.

Follow your passion for teaching

The speech and theatre education program at Missouri State is specifically tailored to satisfy all the teacher certification requirements for the state of Missouri. Upon graduation and the completion of your certification exams, you will be prepared for any of the following career options:

  • Debate coach
  • Individual events coach
  • Theatre director
  • Language arts teacher
  • Public speaking teacher

Also, many school districts require their teachers to receive further master’s level certification. The speech and theatre education program will prepare you for success in a variety of graduate studies.