The Public Affairs Mission of the Center for Dispute Resolution


The Public Affairs mission of Missouri State University infuses the work of the CDR at every level. In both its education mission and its outreach mission the CDR supports, and is supported by, students and others who contribute their knowledge, time, and efforts to programs and projects that serve to better our community and region.

Indeed, the CDR provides invaluable experiential learning opportunities for students at many levels:

  • connecting students to high-impact community programs that allow them to apply classroom learning to real-world problems;
  • offering applied research opportunities that foster a greater awareness and understanding of pressing societal problems and the way in which research has the potential to provide answers to these problems; and
  • encouraging sustained volunteer efforts that engage students in the campus and local community in ways that increase cultural competence, provide leadership opportunities, and foster personal growth

These connections take place through students pursing internship, practicum, and volunteer opportunities at the CDR, completing classwork in conjunction with CDR programs, participating in CDR research projects, and taking advantage of other experiential opportunities at the CDR.

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