Community Programs

The CDR’s support of high-impact community programs and services not only provides much-needed resources for the local and state-wide community, but they also provide outstanding experiential learning opportunities for students at Missouri State. These programs integrate multi-disciplinary approaches to managing and resolving conflicts and utilize volunteers, students, and faculty to meet pressing community needs – embodying the essence of public affairs.

The CDR is active in the public school system, providing programming and resources to students, their families, and teachers and administrators.
The CDR is an active partner with the Greene County Juvenile Office, providing a number of programs to youthful offenders and their families and serving on committees related to pressing juvenile justice issues.
The CDR collaborates with the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office to provide services for adult who have committed offenses.
The CDR works with both the Greene County Family Court and with community organizations that serve the needs of children and families who are involved with the child welfare system.
The CDR offers community mediation services and mediation referrals for a variety of types of disputes.
The CDR provides workshops and presentations for community organizations and non-profits on a variety of conflict-related topics.