Missouri State announces creation of new college

The Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities combines two colleges

I am pleased to announce the creation of the  Reynolds College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities.  This new college combines the College for Humanities and Public Affairs with the Judith Enyeart Reynolds College of Arts and Letters to create the 3rd largest college at the university. 

The creation of the new college emphasizes the importance of humanities and the arts to the academic core of Missouri State – bucking a trend across higher education. It also reflects earlier structures in the university when Arts and Humanities was a single division, prior to the creation of colleges in 1985.

This is an exciting time for the university as the new college demonstrates our commitment to and continued support of the arts and humanities. 

Our public affairs mission is an integral part of the curriculum across all colleges and programs and has never resided in just one college. It is our state mandated mission and will continue to be a key element of Missouri State’s identity.

Academic realignments are part of transformation process

Earlier this year, the university announced a major initiative to revitalize and transform academic affairs.

The changes will create a more agile organization, which can efficiently and effectively serve students in today’s academic environment — an environment that was dramatically transformed by the pandemic. 

The merger of the two colleges is an important step in the realignment process. The new college becomes official July 1, 2023. 

Between Jan. 5 and May 31, 2023, Deans Victor Matthews and Shawn Wahl will lead a transition team to prepare for the launch of the new college. They will focus on strengthening faculty teaching, research and service collaboration across the arts and humanities.

Ultimately, Dean Wahl will lead the new college. Dean Matthews announced his June 30, 2023, retirement earlier this year. 

Missouri State University is a valued institution in the state and well beyond. Our goal is to continue to build on its innovative spirit and strengths as we head into the future.

As I noted above, this and other enrollment management changes are the first of more to come through the work of Zora and John.  I value the new leadership, energy and ideas they have brought to the university.

Thanks for all you do.