Hazardous Materials

Missouri State University is a comprehensive educational institution involved with a multitude of research, teaching and operational projects. Many of these projects utilize hazardous materials and therefore have the potential to generate hazardous waste. Missouri State is dedicated to achieving excellence in managing environmental hazards.

The management of environmental hazards, including the transportation and use of all hazardous materials and the proper treatment and/or disposal of hazardous waste generated through University research, academic, and service and support staff operations, must comply with the applicable Federal and/or State statutes, and their associated rules and regulations. The Environmental Management Policy will be used as a guide for the management of these materials and to ensure the health and safety of all Missouri State students, employees, and the environment.

The management of hazardous materials at Missouri State includes, but is not limited to, controlling hazardous materials from the time the materials are acquired through proper disposal. This method of control is designed to provide a safe, efficient and responsible way to manage hazardous materials and hazardous wastes as required by Federal and State regulations.