New Program MDHE Template

New graduate programs, new undergraduate majors, and certificate programs involving more than 18 credit hours require approval by the CBHE as well as approval through the Missouri State curricular process. All proposals for new programs requiring CBHE approval should progress through the Missouri State curricular process accompanied by a draft of the required CBHE, you must use the MDHE New Program Template. Your CBHE application will be processed through the Office of Institutional Research (OIR). To expedite your process, your proposals, after going through the curricular process and gaining approval by the Faculty Senate, can at the same time be sent directly to OIR at

The proposal sent to OIR should be electronic. Download the following templates:

MBHE New Undergraduate ProgramMBHE New Graduate Program

You need Microsoft Word to view and print these documents.

Request for Reduced or Subsidized Tuition Class Form

At times the University will enter into agreements with external agencies to provide classes to targeted groups of students at no cost or reduced cost to the students. These agreements may or may not be tied to an external grant that may support the cost of instruction or support the students by paying all or a portion of their tuition and/or fees. We may also reduce or subsidize tuition and fees to be competitive in certain markets.

Ongoing or recurring reduced tuition classes should be submitted to the cost center for inclusion in the Fee Schedule and should be approved by the Board of Governors.

When circumstances warrant, the provost has the authority to make exceptions to the Required Student Fee Schedule and may approve classes to be offered for reduced tuition and/or student services fees for a specified semester. Such exceptions are to be reported to the Board of Governors.

To facilitate this process, please use the Request for Reduced or Subsidized Tuition Class form.

Upon approval the offering department must work with other offices as outlined below.

Outline of the process and involved parties:

The offering department should plan well in advance and allow enough time for the request for reduced or subsidized tuition form to be approved and implemented prior to registration.

Faculty/Department/Dean develop the proposal
Note: If it involves a grant then must work with Office of Sponsored Research and this should begin prior to submitting grant proposal.

Note: If it involves agreements/partnerships then should involve Office of the Provost and possibly Financial Services and/or Legal Counsel while developing the agreement.

After notice of approval by the Office of the Provost:

  • Schedule the section(s) in Banner (SSASECT)
  • Specify Dates, Location, Delivery, Instructor, Max Enrollment, etc.
  • Set Special Permission Indicator to "P" so that students must have permission to enroll
  • Set the Section Status to "H" = Held, Not Available for Registration. (Office of Registrar will set to Available once all approvals received and reduced tuition has been set up)
  • Enter Section Comment as appropriate on SSATEXT

Contact Information

Office of the Provost

Greg Rainwater, Senior Academic Financial Officer: 417-836-4588
For approval by the Provost
Send copy of approval to Assistant VP for Finance and Accounting for reporting to Board of Governors
Then routing to Office of the Registrar for processing

Office of the Registrar

Rachel Rigby: 417-836-4899
Set up class(es) to correctly assess the reduced tuition
Set class to Available Status
Notify all parties that complete

Financial Services

Beth Schmidt or Michel Hackworth Budget and Accounting: 417-836-5632
Lori Swindell General/Accounts Receivable: 417-836-5635
Set up account(s) used to pay student tuition/fees and/or to record reduction for later invoicing to external party. Note that this should normally be done when awarded the grant or other approved agreement.

Financial Aid

Linda Nichols: 417-836-5262
Set up 3rd Party Contractor Scholarship payment
Offering department responsible for submitting list of students and amount to be paid from specified account in timely manner