Copyright Policy

G3.04-3 Use of Copyrighted Materials for Educational and Research Purposes

Policy statement

It is the policy of the University to respect the copyright protections given by federal law to owners of intellectual property, including books, journals, music, art, multi-media materials, digital materials and software (“Copyright-Protected Materials”). All individuals (whether or not employed by, compensated by or enrolled at the University), participating in a sponsored project and/or making significant use of University resources (“Individuals”) are expected to act as responsible users of Copyright-Protected Material, which includes making informed, good faith decisions that comply with Federal Copyright Law, as contained in Title 17 of the U.S. Code (“Copyright Law”). It is against University policy for Individuals to use University resources such as equipment, services, or facilities to access, use, copy, reproduce, distribute, or display Copyright-Protected Materials except as permitted under copyright law. Application of the legal principle of “fair use” or other exemptions under Federal Copyright Law which protect many teaching and learning activities; obtaining the permission of the copyright holder; or receiving a license to use Copyright-Protected Materials; are ways to address the federal copyright requirements. It is the individual responsibility of faculty, staff, students and other individuals to comply with this policy. The University may monitor use of Copyright-Protected Materials pursuant to this policy, including, but not limited to, reviewing items placed on reserve at the library, items on e-reserve, or any University web sites, social media sites and blogs.

Violations of the copyright law may result in civil and criminal penalties, including imprisonment. The University regards violation of its policy as a serious matter. Any such violation is without its consent and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action or sanction ranging from loss of access to the relevant University services or property (including computing privileges) to dismissal or removal from the University as determined by applicable employment or student disciplinary policies. For other policies related to computer use, consult Information Technology Policies.