Department Work Study Contract

This contract must be on file with the Student Employment Office before any work study students can be placed in your department. This contract does not post a job for your department, and it does not guarantee a work study student.

A new contract must be filled out twice a year. Once in August for the upcoming Fall/Spring semesters, and once again in May for the Summer Semester.

Instructions for filling out the form:

Page 1:

Fill in the Department and the location of where the student will be working.

For each job that has different job duties you will fill out a new job title and job description. If you hire four students to perform the same job you only need to fill out 1 job title and description information.

Please fill in the job title. For example; Office Assistant, Research Assistant, Lifeguard, Web Help, Computer Services Help Desk, etc

The Job description would be the job duties performed in this student employment position.

Please list experience required if necessary.

Please list a contact person. This would most likely be the hiring supervisor or the timesheet approver.

Please list the phone number of the contact person.

Please list a wage rate or range. If you have more than one student performing the same job and they warrant a different pay for this same position you can list a range. Typically those performing the same job duties will get paid the same.

Please tell us how many positions you will be filling for this job description. It can be more than one if you need more than one for this specific job in your office.

Fill in the rest of page one if you have different job positions to fill.

Page 2:

Please read and sign. Ensure the form is signed by an authorized individual.

Return the 2016-2017 Academic Year Contract by campus mail or fax (67608) to the Office of Student Employment.