Department Work Study Contract

This contract must be on file with the Student Employment Office before any work study students can be placed in your department. This contract does not post a job for your department, and it does not guarantee a work study student.

A new contract must be filled out twice a year. Once in August for the upcoming Fall/Spring semesters, and once again in May for the Summer Semester.


2017 Summer Work Study Contract (Click Here)  

Instructions for filling out the form:

Page 1 and 2:

Complete the following three sections: 

  • Departmental Information
    • Office/Department
    • Supervisor Name 
    • Department Head 
  • Position Information 
    • Position Title
    • Location (Building/Room)
    • Purpose/Role of Position
    • Principal Duties and Responsibilities 
    • Required Qualifications
    • Rate of Pay
      • Specify the minimum and maximum pay rate for position
  • Student Learning Outcomes 
    • Identify three outcomes. (Example: Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibility.)


Page 3:

Please read and sign. Ensure the form is signed by an authorized individual.