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Summer 2015 BearFit Class Schedule

BearFit Summer Schedule starts June 8th and ends July 31st


Cycling 12:10-12:50pm Studio C
Ab Attack 5:00-5:30pm Studio A
Zumba (R) 5:30-6:30pm Studio B
Muscle Mix 12:10-12:50pm Studio B
Hydro Power 5:15-6:15pm Aquatics Center
Yogalates 5:30-6:30pm Studio A
Ab Attack 12:10-12:50pm Studio A
Cycle 50 5:30-6:20pm Studio C
Cardio Pump 12:10-12:50pm Studio A
Hydro Power 5:15-6:15pm Aquatics Center
Zumba (R) 5:30-6:30pm Studio B
Ab Attack 11:00-11:30pm Studio A
Tranquil Yoga 12:10-12:50pm Studio A





Ab Attack

Sleek, cut, defined abs is the goal of this 30 minute class that will also help to strengthen and tone your back and overall core.

Barre Burner

A fun, toning workout performed with the studio dance bar! Barre offers a unique combination of strength, flexibility and balance that will challenge those hard-to-reach muscles. This class provides all fitness levels a with dancer’s body workout!

Beach Fit

Get the best of land and water fitness! On shore, test your limits with resistance training, cardio and strength, then dive in for challenges in the pool! With swimsuit season around the corner, will you be BeachFit?


Atten-TION! Taught by our BearFit drill sergeant, Bootcamp is designed to push you to your fitness limits. With a combination of heart-pumping cardio and total body strength challenges, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve conquered the impossible. For beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike, our drill sergeant will modify exercises to your fitness level and keep you motivated throughout the class to reach your potential!

Cardio Pump


Cardio-busting exercise in less than 1 hour! Feel continuously challenged with varying workout styles including interval work, circuit training, relays, and more. Cardio Pump will build overall endurance by keeping you moving and working throughout the class!


Race your way through challenging terrain as you torch calories on our studio bikes! Feel the adrenaline as you surge through flats, and get that lower body burn as you pedal up hills. Come see why indoor cycling is the perfect way to add a fun, sweat-inducing workout to your fitness routine! (Formats range from 50 to 40 minute cycling sessions, and one 30 minute cycling session + 30 minutes of Ab Attack) 

Hip Hop Dance

BearFit brings the dance floor to you! Hip-Hop Dance introduces you to sweat-breaking moves you can show off during your next night out. The dynamic choreography will keep you challenged while dancing to your favorite songs!

 Hydro Power

This isn’t just your typical aqua aerobics class! Hydro Power challenges you against the water for a cardio and strength workout sculpting your entire body while remaining low-impact. This class is open to all fitness levels, even those who have never experienced a pool workout.



Never repeat the same workout and still get in a good sweat! BearFit now provides a fitness class that keeps you excited with rotating formats of cardio, strength, mind-body, and more! Thursdays @ 12:10pm

Muscle Mix

Solid, toned, defined muscles is what you’ll gain from this total-body strength class. Mixing body weight and weight-bearing exercise, Muscle Mix is a workout designed to target every muscle group, leaving you feeling all-around powerful and strong!

Power Hour

Pick up the bar, and get to work! Power Hour targets all major muscles groups using compound exercises with one of the most effective pieces of equipment—the barbell. This ultimate strength class focuses on burning fat, gaining muscle and getting you into shape fast!

Power Kick

Get fit with a one, two, punch!  This power-packed cardio workout will help you kick, jab, and punch your way to a new level of fitness as you build strength, endurance, and coordination without contact.

Total Body Conditioning

Do you want to be an all-around fit individual?  TBC takes you through toning & strengthening to speed & agility work utilizing plyometrics, free weights, stretching, and endurance. Welcome to all fitness levels, TBC will push you in ways you have never been pushed before!

Tranquil Yoga

Experience peace of mind with this relaxing yoga class focusing on flexibility, meditation and Pranayama breathing. You’ll leave Tranquil Yoga with a deep sense of self-renewal allowing you carry out your day refreshed and in good spirit.


Tone your body with a combination of yoga and Pilates! Feel firm in all of those troubled areas including abs, thighs and glutes with dynamic yoga and Pilates poses. A leaner body in no time is guaranteed!


Fusing yoga and strength, YogaFit develops a streamlined, lean and flexible body while challenging muscular strength, endurance and balance. This unique exercise combination is geared toward both men and women and is open to all fitness levels. 

Zumba (R)

This workout is disguised as a dance party!  The choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, meringue, mambo, martial arts, Bollywood, and belly dancing to get your heart pumping!


Each week BearFit brings you a taste of their cutting-edge and engaging workouts! The format changes every Friday to include current BearFit classes as well as new, innovative ideas. All participants may attend free of charge! (No reservations available. First come, first serve until max capacity is reached. Class runs 2/1/14—5/1/14).