About Campus Recreation

Our Mission

The Missouri State Campus Recreation department fosters an inclusive community, promotes physical activity and encourages wellness to enrich the university learning experience.

Our Vision

Customer Service – Campus Recreation’s courteous and friendly staff provide quality care, concern, and services to ensure our patrons feel welcome and valuable.

Connecting to Campus – Campus Recreation continues to develop partnerships and collaborates with the Missouri State University campus.  We are a Resource Center connecting Campus Recreation with learning and academics.

Programs and Services – Campus Recreation strives to implement inclusive, innovative, fun, and challenging programs and services to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Environment – Campus Recreation is committed to providing access to an inviting, clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment for all patrons.

Our values

Our core values shape and influence how we approach our job, relate to our colleagues and patrons, and are a reflection of our organizational culture.

  • We hold service as a focal point to each endeavor.
  • We value relationships and strive to connect the MSU community.
  • We define and create our culture through integrity while welcoming individuality amongst our staff and patrons.
  • We are committed to building an environment of teaching and learning to add to students' co-curricular experience.
  • We promote enjoyment and fun within our programs and services.

Student playing volleyball