My Learning Connection


Welcome to Missouri State University's web-based professional development, online registration, and learning management system.  Through My Learning Connection, you can browse and register for University sponsored professional and personal development activities, access your professional development transcript, print certificates, and have access to development related materials and information. This site serves as a centralized library of all professional and personal development opportunities available to employees that is searchable, designed to support specific learning plans, and accessible 24/7 for information and registration.  My Learning Connection supports the registration for all classroom, online, and blended learning courses to assist in providing learning opportunities and meeting compliance requirements for employees and students.

Tutorials and Resources for My Learning Connection

The following online tutorials are designed to assist you with the basic functions of My Learning Connection. The tutorials have audio and accompanying printable handouts.  The content of these tutorials cover the same topics that are in the classroom and lab sessions along with some additional information. Within the tutorials, there are Navigation buttons located at the bottom of the screen to adjust the sound and the video. 

Quick Instructional Guides

Overview of Key Functions

The following are the key features of My Learning Connection.  Features are accessible from any computer via the My Missouri State portal.

  • Course Catalog - A centralized, University wide online catalog of learning opportunities for all employees. The catalog will have detailed information on classes available including recommendations based on your role and function(s) at Missouri State.  Classes are searchable through keywords, filters or through the calendar. 
  • Learning Plans - A series of related classes set up in a designated Learning Plan to assist you in achieving specific outcomes or training requirements such as New Employee Orientation or New Supervisor Training. 
  •  Class Lists - A record of your current, completed, planned, and pending classes.  Classes can be presented in the following formats: Instructor led in the classroom (ILT) , online  (WBT), and Blended (classroom and online).  
  • My Transcript - A printable record of all classes you have completed to include any external classes or certifications you have submitted for inclusion to your transcript.  Printable certificates are available for classes completed after July 1, 2010.  Please contact HR Employee Development and Performance for assistance with information prior to July 1, 2010.
  • My Calendar - A calendar that you can personalize based on your work schedule and desired view that displays important dates such as classes you are registered for, classes available for registration, and deadlines that need to be met.  The calendar can be set to display Personal, University, and Catalog information.
  • iCal - Upcoming feature where the training calendar will tie into the University's calendar to display professional and personal development opportunities.
  • My Profile - A snapshot of your employee information that is downloaded through the HR Banner system. 
  • Help - An online Help library for My Learning Connection located in the top menu.  This section is generic to the system and contains applicable information for navigating the site.  Please refer to the customized online tutorials listed above for specific information on My Learning Connection.

Who Do I Contact for Help?

How Do I Add Courses to My Learning Connection?

Contact HR Employee Development and Performance at 836-4592/5779 to gain proper access to add and manage courses on My Learning Connection.