Online Payment Processes: MyBenefit (Noncredit Course Fee Waiver)

Noncredit course fees - MyBenefit

Full-time regular employees may receive assistance to help pay course fees to enroll in noncredit courses offered by Missouri State University‘s approved units for the purpose of professional and personal development. The University will pay $150 per employee, per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) for the employee's enrollment in noncredit courses sponsored through these units.

MyBenefit is an online process for all full-time eligible employees to use in applying their $150.00 Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit towards the cost of personal and professional development classes offered through My Learning Connection. MyBenefit also allows employees to defer the paying of any remaining balance for later payment through their accounts with the Bursar’s Office (Business Office on the West Plains campus). Employees who elect to use MyBenefit will be able to apply the balance of their Noncredit Fee Waiver to the cost of a class and defer any remaining cost to their University account. MyBenefit is part of the online registration and payment process in My Learning Connection. Please refer to the interim process during the implementation of the new system.

Interim noncredit fee waiver process available during the completion of implementation

We have implemented an interim process by which benefit eligible employees can purchase classes with their FY17 Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit as we complete the implementation process of the new PLMS. This process is for employees to register for paid classes starting in August and September. Employees who are interested in registering and paying for classes provided by departments such as Campus Recreation and Taylor Health can do so by contacting the department directly. The contact individuals listed below will be able to assist you with the registration and charge back process to your FY17 Noncredit Fee Waiver account for your classes.

Contact information and websites for registration and classes

Taylor Health and Wellness Center

Campus Recreation Center

For additional information about the Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit for fulltime employees, please refer to Chapter 6.4.2 Noncredit Course Fees - My Benefit of the Employee Handbook. The new PLMS system will be updated with the charges made by employees against their account during his interim process for the FY17 Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit. If you are interested in utilizing your noncredit fee waiver benefit for classes offered by other departments on campus, please contact HR Employee Development and Performance for assistance at 836-4592/5779 or