Fringe Benefits Committee


The primary purpose of the Fringe Benefits committee is to examine and make recommendations to the University's Administration concerning all aspects of the fringe benefits package available for all University employees.


The Fringe Benefits Committee consists of an equal representation of faculty and staff employees who are on regular, fulltime appointments with the University and are voting members of the Committee. The Fringe Benefits Committee includes representation by a retired employee of the University, who serves a two-year term, and is a non-voting member of the committee. Retiree representation alternates between a faculty and staff retiree. The Office of Human Resources provides a representative to the Committee who serves as an ex officio member without vote.


The Fringe Benefits Committee is empowered to review such benefits as may become knowledgeable to the Committee and may establish sub-committees to investigate other benefits. Recommendations and comments regarding such benefits will be forwarded to the Administrative Council and the University President for decision.

Occasionally, items for consideration will require additional investigation or feedback from the entire University Community. When necessary, the Fringe Benefits Committee will post a survey on our webpage so that all faculty and staff will have an opportunity to provide input.

The Fringe Benefits Committee is not conducting a survey at this time.