The University strongly encourages recycling materials whenever possible. There are receptacles in most University buildings for the following common recyclable items:       

  • Paper products – mixed paper* (see below for description) and office paper
  • 'Co-mingle' - Plastic (water/soft drink bottles, etc), metal containers
  • Cardboard - cardboard boxes should be broken down and put in the bin on the north side of the Central Stores building/Receiving Dock.

Tips for using the recycle bins and stations

  • Co-mingle bins in the academic buildings are emptied once per week (there is no service during University breaks).
  • Don't overfill the bins, or leave materials on the floor around them (materials left on the floor will be disposed of as trash).
  • Put recycle materials in the appropriate bins (i.e. no paper in the co-mingle bin). If excessive sorting is required the contents of the bin may be disposed of as trash.
  • Please finish your drink or empty your container in a sink. Liquids don't recycle well, and may create odors and attract insects.
  • No glass
  • The paper bins in the stations should not be used for books or bulk paper. If you have a large quantity of paper, use the large maroon paper bins, or call Custodial (6-5265) to arrange a pickup.
  • The bins are intended for the recycling of materials generated on campus; the system does not have the capacity to accept materials from off-campus.

Items that require special arrangements

The following items can also be recycled, but require that arrangements be made for pickup or dropoff. Contact the Director of Environmental Management at 6-8334 for further information.

  • Batteries – alkaline, button, rechargeable, automotive
  • Printer cartridges
  • Electronic appliances - microwaves/etc (dispose through Surplus (6-5103)
  • Electronic waste (E-waste) - Computers/printers/monitors/etc (dispose through Surplus (6-5103)
  • Televisions (dispose through Surplus (6-5103) if operational)
  • Books (more than 1 or 2)

Questions regarding the above items can be directed to Jeff Brown, Recycling Coordinator, at 6-3108.

Other items recycled

In addition to the above items, the University also recycles these materials generated on campus as part of normal operations:

  • Metal
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Furniture – (typically disposed through Surplus)
  • Lumber – scrap, clean
  • Anti-freeze
  • Motor oil
  • Office equipment – (typically disposed through Surplus)
  • Wood Pallets
  • Carpet and carpet foam pad/urethane foam products
  • Tires
  • Yard waste/brush

Additional information on recycling is available on the Sustainability web site and the Facilities Management web site at Recycling.

* Mixed paper consists of: office paper (white, colored, computer, notebook), newspaper, phone books, magazines/catalogs, paper bags and envelopes (those with plastic windows are okay)

Paper boxes (cereal, shoe, gift boxes, etc.), paper bags, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, and egg cartons are considered cardboard and should be recycled along with cardboard boxes.