Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month in Carrington 203.

Committee Purpose

  • Develop recommendations for new sustainability initiatives and for improving current sustainability initiatives.
  • Develop realistic strategies to increase our use of renewable energy so that the University becomes less dependent on coal over time, keeping in mind that recommendations for increasing the use of renewable energy must come with an estimated funding cost.
  • Develop strategies to promote sustainability initiatives across our state and region.
  • Research what our peer universities and sister universities in Missouri are doing related to sustainability initiatives.


Energy Subcommittee - Chair: Jen Cox
  • Promotes campus energy conservation through efficiencies and education.
  • Educates campus and surrounding community on energy conservation.
  • Analyzes trends and develops proposals for energy projects for review by Facilities Management.
  • Develops energy saving projects for implementation as funded by a revolving loan fund, student SustainaFund monies, and other sources.
  • Explores new technologies including renewable energy both on campus and from our energy providers.
  • Promotes energy initiatives statewide and researches best practices from our peer institutions and other in-state universities.
  • Reports to Sustainability Advisory Committee regularly.
Benchmark Subcommittee - Chair: David Vaughan
  • Prepares a summary of which agreements have been signed by our benchmark institutions and sister institutions in the state of Missouri.
  • Prepares a summary of accomplishments from each institution noted above related to the agreements signed (President’s Campus Climate Survey and the Beyond Coal Commitment).
  • Prepare a summary of AASHE membership and AASHE STARS ratings for all benchmark institutions and sister institutions in the state of Missouri.
  • Initial summaries are due May 1, 2013. Summary will be updated annually.
Goal Watching Subcommittee - Co-Chairs: Mike Klem and Joe Pitts 
  • Committee will monitor the Sustainability Advisory Committee’s list of goals and prepare a quarterly summary of accomplishments.
  • Committee will present annual report summary to Sustainability Advisory Committee by September each year for approval at the October meeting.

Membership 2015-2016

  • Matt Morris, Interim V.P. for Administrative and Information Services, Co-Chair
  • Tammy Jahnke, Dean for College of Natural and Applied Science, Co-Chair
  • Jordan Schanda, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Bill Cheek, Faculty Emeritus
  • Jennifer Cox, Associate Director of Facilities Management
  • Ashley Crisafulli, President, Student Government Association
  • Nicki Donnelson, Public Relations Specialist, University Communications
  • Caleb Doyle, SGA/Board of Governors’ Student Governor
  • Anson Elliott, Department Head, Agriculture
  • Teresa Frederick, Assistant Director Res. Life Housing and Dining-Fac & Op
  • Tiffany Frey, Executive Director for James River Basin Partnership
  • Terrel Gallaway, Professor of Economics
  • Janice Greene, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
  • Brian Hauff, Project Manager/Architect for Planning, Design and Construction
  • Tony Hein, Resident District Manager, Chartwells Residential Dining Office
  • Tim Hogenkamp, Chief Sustainability Commissioner, Student Government Association
  • Mike Klem, Coordinator Business and Support Services, Agriculture
  • Mike Kromrey, Executive Director, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks
  • Thomas Lane, Assistant V.P. Student Life-Director PSU
  • Barbara Lucks, Sustainability Officer, Department of Environmental Services, City of Springfield
  • Tina McManus, Controller, Financial Services
  • Hayley Mussman, Member of Students for a Sustainable Future
  • Cara Shaefer, Director, Energy Management/Conservation – City Utilities
  • Wyatt Taylor, Student Government Association-Sustainability Director
  • David Vaughan, Director Environmental Management, Environmental Health & Safety