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Summer Scholarship Policy

Selected Missouri State University scholarships can be applied to summer expenses for students who intend to graduate in less than four years and/or for students who wish to fund a summer study abroad experience at the expense of a future semester scholarship.

The summer scholarship option is available only for students receiving University funded, four-year scholarships that have an annual value of more than $1,000. Those scholarships, and their value for the summer 2015 session, are listed below. Summer values will be reset annually.

Study Group

ScholarshipSummer 2015 Session Value
Presidential $1,500 Tuition
$1,200 Room & Board*
$2,700 Total
University Scholarship $1,500
Governors $1,500
Multicultural Leadership Scholarship $1,500
Provost $560
Deans* $280

*The room and board allowance is awarded only to students who are living on campus or participating in an approved study away program.

Other guidelines are as follows:

  • To be eligible to use scholarships during the summer, students must meet annual renewal criteria (hours and grade point average) at the end of the spring semester. The summer option is not available to students who are taking summer classes to meet the credit hour or GPA criteria to renew for the following fall.
  • Exercising this option reduces the number of remaining semesters of eligibility by one full semester for each summer used. Because the summer value is less than the value during a full semester, this option is financially advantageous only to students who plan to graduate early.
  • Students must enroll in at least six credit hours during the summer session for which a scholarship is used. Exceptions may be granted for approved study away programs.
  • Hours earned during the summer a scholarship is awarded cannot be used to meet renewal criteria for the following academic year. For example, a Board of Governors Scholarship recipient who uses the scholarship for summer 2013 must earn 30 hours during fall 2013 and spring 2014 to renew for the fall 2014 semester. (That student could also enroll in summer 2014 to meet renewal criteria but would not be able to use the summer scholarship option for that term.) The grades earned are, however, included in the student’s cumulative GPA in determining renewability.
  • Students must file a request for summer scholarship form by June 1. Eligibility for the summer option will be determined after spring semester grades have been processed, and scholarship awards will be applied to students’ accounts with the first summer disbursement (typically the second week of classes).

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