Dissemination, Budgeting, and References

Dissemination of Study Findings

  • Present the results of this study as soon as possible and prior to development and implementation of any interventions and programs.
  • Disseminate the results of this study simultaneously to as many Missouri State University employees as possible. The initial feedback may be through a mass email to all employees with a link to a webpage to the study results.
  • Publish regular updates of what is occurring across campus because of this study.
  • Enlist administrators, deans, department heads, unit heads, and supervisors in delivering the study results.

Budgeting Impacts of Each Initiative

In response to the charge "Assess the budgeting impacts of each initiative," we would like to point out that some items recommended in this report will have no direct budget impact if implemented, while other items require professionals with expertise in the field to determine accurate budget impact as there were many alternative solutions, i.e., Employee Assistance Program. Therefore, we recommend a fiscal note approach to budget analysis and development.


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