October 2006 Minutes

October 3, 2006 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
CARR 203

Members Attending:

Dale Moore (Chair), Sara Clark, Jana Estergard, Dr. Michelle Visio, Dr. Wes Scroggins,
Sue Alvers (Secretary)


Ladonna Hansen

Minutes for August 22, 2006 meeting was approved.

Housekeeping item

  • Meetings changed to first Tuesday of each month at 3:30 instead of every two weeks.


  • Demographic Report/Analysis – Jana Estergard.
    • Made progress, have the data, but need to talk to Mary Routh to see about cleaning up the data.
  • Faculty Morale Survey report – Dr. Michelle Visio
    • Presented copy of faculty morale survey. Faculty will be surveyed again in next week. Noticed that the survey doesn’t ask about work/life satisfaction. Our survey should be more demographic.
    • Dr. Scroggins suggested using focus groups instead of a survey. Focus groups are composed of members who have similar interests.

Literature Review – Dr. Michelle Visio & Dr. Wes Scroggins

  • Reviewed two journal articles:
    • Byron, K. (2005). A meta-analytic review of work-family conflict and its antecedents. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 67, 169-198.
    • Allen, T., Herst, D., Bruck, C., & Sutton, M. (2000). Consequences associated with work-to-family conflict: A review and agenda for future research. Journal of Organizational Health Psychology, 5, 278-308.
  • Work interferes with family life more than family life interferes with work.
  • Didn’t find studies related to work/life issues and job performance.
Committee action – Dale Moore
  • Draft memo to Dr. Nietzel asking for clarification of the committee’s mission.
  • Think about focus group and logistics
    • How many groups
    • Make up of each group
    • Use GAs as facilitators?
    • What variables are important? (age, sex, type of job, mixed groups)
    • Should there be a “test” group?
  • Should generic outcomes be determined before or after the focus groups?