July 2006 Minutes

July 24, 2006 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
CARR 203
Members Attending:

Dale Moore (Chair), Ron Boaz, Sara Clark, Jana Estergard, LaDonna Hansen, Barbara Turpin, Michelle Visio, Sue Alvers (Secretary), Dr. Michael Nietzel

Meeting started at 3:00 p.m. Dale Moore welcomed and thanked everyone for agreeing to serve on the Committee. Introductions were made.

Dr. Nietzel explained the charge/goals of the committee.

  • Identify key issues that affect the relationship between a productive work environment and a satisfying personal life.
  • Make recommendations that will balance personal life and work life by evaluating initiatives and evaluating what is possible at Missouri State University.
  • Assess the budgeting impacts of each initiative. Some are costly and some are not. Give a ballpark figure
  • Take up to a couple years if necessary. Suggest doing a short survey.
  • Will take feasible recommendations to the Administrative Council and Board of Governors.
  • Committee can do rolling time-table for recommendations. Recommending easy initiatives first, then do the harder ones later.
Committee Reaction:
  • LaDonna’s been in contact with Dr. Laura Koppes, the Director of University of Kentucky’s Office of Work-Life.
  • One of the themes from NACUBO, APPA & SCUP conference in Hawaii is to look at extending the tenure process.
    • Many universities looking into part-time faculty tenure
    • Split tenure
    • Longer time for tenure
    • Make sure Provost is involved when discussing tenure
    • Purpose is to recruit and retain good faculty.
Initial Steps:
  • Dale suggests that committee work on formulation of mission statement first.
  • Need to define lines – is wellness a component of work/life?
  • Prioritize items – try to corral as many of hot button issues in some type of order.
  • Work/life issues should work for both faculty and staff.
    • Flextime
    • Elder Care
    • Day Care/Child Care
    • Telecommuting
    • Trailing Partner hiring
  • Research best practices at other universities. Suggest starting with higher education first, then maybe private sector/industry standards.
  • Staff at Missouri State basically younger than faculty.
  • Jana suggests the need to get things pulled together within a year to help with recruitment/retainment.
    • Mothers & fathers able to work .75 FTE instead of fulltime
    • Job sharing with partial benefits
    • Living wage for staff
  • Already informal processes in departments, i.e. flextime
  • Dale mentions get consulting firm that does surveys. Surveys should be professionally done for credibility.
  • Sara wondered who Kentucky patterned their program after.
  • Look at our Benchmark Peers for possible work/life programming
Critical Resources:
  • Michelle contacting former students who are working as consultants.
  • Industry: Fed Ex, Sodexho, FirstOne, HR Directors
  • Jana to pull Missouri State University demographic data.
  • Look at exit questionnaires
  • Fact Book data
Reminder: Work/life for Hispanics and African/American employees is different from Caucasian employees.

Next meeting:
  • Meet every two weeks?
  • Think about mission statement and goals. Hope to have it formulated in two weeks
  • Review handout reading materials
  • Jana to query demographics
  • Michelle to check faculty moral survey results for work/life issues
  • Sara and LaDonna to contact Benchmark Peers
  • Meeting date and time to be decided later