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  • David Howell

    David Howell

    "I cannot think of any other place I would have felt more comfortable, welcomed and educated than MSU-WP."

  • Lacey Carter

    Lacey Carter

    “Challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone. This is where true growth and happiness occurs.”

  • Abbi Thompson

    Abbi Thompson

    “From the nursing department i have learned many valuable skills that will allow me to be a nurse who gives complete, compassionate care to all of my future patients.”

  • Roselidah Obunaga

    Roselidah Obunaga

    Roselidah Obunaga’s experience at MSU-WP was a “godsend.”

  • Merinda Crigler

    Merinda Crigler

    “The West Plains campus gave me the resources I needed to help me study to reach my goals.”

  • Morgan Spoor

    Morgan Spoor

    "My experience here has been absolutely the best. I have gotten a great education that will give me a strong start to my career and have made some lifelong friends."

  • Christian Hirsch

    Christian Hirsch

    “I chose Missouri State University-West Plains simply because of the affordability and how close it was to home.”

  • Teresa Cagle

    Teresa Cagle

    My experience at Missouri State-West Plains could be summed up in one word, and that is ‘accomplishment.’”

  • Patti J. Thompson

    Patti J. Thompson

    “I think the supportive atmosphere on campus is my favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains.”

  • Dr. Sharath Rongoli

    Dr. Sharath Rongoli

    Subject area(s): General Biology, Human Genetics and Non-Majors Biology

  • Dr. Edward Birdyshaw

    Dr. Edward Birdyshaw

    Ph.D. University of Oregon

    B.S. Eastern Michigan University

  • Samson Hershenson

    Samson Hershenson

    “Missouri State University-West Plains was a great experience that included a nice atmosphere, a useful array of resources for learning and exceptional teachers.”

  • Jonathan Branstetter

    Jonathan Branstetter

    “So far, my experience has been pretty good. I have met more unique people than I did in my small hometown.”

  • Angelina Hardison

    Angelina Hardison

    “My favorite thing has been the friendly teachers and how they communicate with students, as well as the volleyball program and coaches.”

  • Bruce Cavitt

    Bruce Cavitt

    Advisement and Academic Coaching Center for Empowering Student Success (AACCESS)

  • Jared Cates

    Jared Cates

    Student Life and Development

  • Kaylynn Newberry

    Kaylynn Newberry

    “My experience (at Missouri State-West Plains) can be described as one filled with new experiences and meeting all kinds of new people.”

  • Riley Gilmore

    Riley Gilmore

    "The writing and tutoring labs help you if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing."

  • Evan Stewart

    Evan Stewart

    “The faculty and staff members are amazing people, and they really help you reach whatever goal you are wanting to achieve.”

  • Heidi Schneider

    Heidi Schneider

    “My favorite thing is the community atmosphere. I don’t feel like I ever meet a stranger, even if I’ve never met them before.”

  • Casey P. Eleson

    Casey P. Eleson

    "My experience at Missouri State University-West Plains expanded my horizons.”

  • Grace Sydow

    Grace Sydow

    “My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains is being a part of the Student Ambassador program, which allows me to stay involved in my community and college.”

  • Carissa Harmon

    Carissa Harmon

    "I got the chance to tutor on campus, which proved to me that I wanted to be a teacher."

  • Ellie Walker

    Ellie Walker

    “Being a Grizzly really exposed me to so many things that will foster success in my future.”

  • Ashlyn Williams

    Ashlyn Williams

    “The expenses college brings was something my family couldn’t afford, and I am thankful that I was able to use my A+ scholarship to achieve my degree debt free!”


  • Lauryn Jett

    Lauryn Jett

    “My experience at Missouri State-West Plains was challenging but rewarding.”

  • Kaylee Liley

    Kaylee Liley

    “I chose Missouri State University-West Plains because it was the perfect school for me to transition to.”

  • D’Andre Vilmar

    D’Andre Vilmar

    “They took me when everyone else pushed me to the side.”

  • Chloe Howell

    Chloe Howell

    “I chose Missouri State University-West Plains because it offered a wonderful opportunity for me to get a head start on my education journey.”

  • Megan Zitter

    Megan Zitter

    Missouri State-West Plains was a convenient option for Megan Zitter

  • Alison Eckert

    Alison Eckert

    “The West Plains campus of Missouri State was unique in every way.”

  • Taler & Anna (Cantrell) Sutherland

    Taler & Anna (Cantrell) Sutherland

    “We will always hold a special place in our hearts for Missouri State University-West Plains.”

  • Emily Ryan

    Emily Ryan

    “Follow your dreams, and they will lead you on the right path.”

  • Lindsey Wood

    Lindsey Wood

    “Everyone just exudes friendliness and helpfulness.”

  • Tami Peterson

    Tami Peterson

    “My favorite things about Missouri State-West Plains are the small, personal classes and the tutors at the tutoring center.”

  • Brian Smolnik

    Brian Smolnik

    “I have had such a great experience in the GOCAT and in my agriculture classes, and I spend most of my time at TRiO.”

  • Layne Schloman

    Layne Schloman

    “The faculty and staff at MSU-WP have always made it known that they are here for us.”

  • Tisha Richmond

    Tisha Richmond

    “At MSU-WP, I knew I would be a name and not a number.”

  • Isrrael Jimenez

    Isrrael Jimenez

    “I enjoy communicating with qualified employees who give students the correct information and resources in order to become successful.”

  • Nicklaus Martin

    Nicklaus Martin

    “It gave me the time I needed to figure out what I wanted to do…”

  • Kori Lancaster

    Kori Lancaster

    “My experience at Missouri State-West Plains was an incredibly important and positive one.”

  • Whitney Evans

    Whitney Evans

    “I get the experience of a four-year institution on a two-year campus.”

  • Michael Knapp

    Michael Knapp

    “It is so easy to talk to the faculty and staff.”

  • Kirk R. Hoffman II

    Kirk R. Hoffman II

    “The professors are knowledgeable, and the student body is friendly.”

  • Jefferson Benjamin Thomas

    Jefferson Benjamin Thomas

    “All of my teachers have been very kind to me, and getting to know my classmates has been fun.”

  • Madison Shaw

    Madison Shaw

    “Living on campus has helped me slowly adjust to living on my own and has helped me meet lots of great people.”

  • Angelia Ashberger

    Angelia Ashberger

    “The willingness of people ready to help me succeed has amazed me.”

  • Leslie Lancaster

    Leslie Lancaster

    “My experience at Missouri State-West Plains brought me growth, community and confidence.”

  • Aubrey Craig

    Aubrey Craig

    “I love being able to meet new people from all over, yet in such a small community and town.”

  • Jamal Shaddid, Jr.

    Jamal Shaddid, Jr.

    “My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains is the different organizations we offer, and different leadership roles.”

  • Amanda R. Collins

    Amanda R. Collins

    “As a non-traditional student, Missouri State-West Plains was perfect for me because it is located here in my hometown, and it had everything I needed to succeed.”

  • Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ray

    Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ray

    “The tutoring lab has been one of the most helpful things offered to me by this university.”

  • Judson L. Beam

    Judson L. Beam

    “The faculty and staff have been great in giving support and understanding when it is needed.”

  • Jayden Wiley

    Jayden Wiley

    “From Business Law to Economics, I have learned a vast array of business knowledge that will be useful in life.”

  • Myeesha Renee Johnson

    Myeesha Renee Johnson

    “I have learned to never give up no matter how old you are.”

  • Korrie Vance

    Korrie Vance

    “After my first college experience at another school, I expected the professors to be all business and not show a lot of compassion or personality.”

  • Savannah James

    Savannah James

    "I have the chance to study abroad and study Spanish and education."

  • Rachael Wright

    Rachael Wright

    "Coming back to college after taking a few years off was intimidating, but everyone has been so welcoming"

  • Gabe Ivins

    Gabe Ivins

    “The most genuine way to explain my experience here is that it is the best of both worlds.”

  • Braylin Shelton

    Braylin Shelton

    "There are several different clubs to become involved in, and the opportunities really are endless if you apply yourself!"

  • Brittney Shields

    Brittney Shields

    "My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains is the people."

  • Justice Stanley

    Justice Stanley

    "My experience here has been transforming."

  • Kaylee “Kit” Foulke

    Kaylee “Kit” Foulke

    "This institution has given me so many incredible opportunities that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else."

  • Kelsey Draeger

    Kelsey Draeger

    "The educational and professional opportunities I have been given are continuing to change my life."

  • Anthony (Alex) Priest

    Anthony (Alex) Priest

    "The two years I spent at Missouri State-West Plains were two of the best years of my life."

  • Cory Neal

    Cory Neal

    He takes advantage of the degrees the Missouri State-West Plains campus offers. 

  • Jennifer Dryer

    Jennifer Dryer

    “I was looking for a small school that could provide a bachelor’s degree in a town that had a reasonable cost of living. Missouri State-West Plains provided both.”

  • Douglas Cordel

    Douglas Cordel

    “I could stay close to home and obtain the start to the education I needed through an associate’s degree.”