Missouri State University - West Plains
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  • Kailyn Burton

    Kailyn Burton

    "My experience has been so much fun!"

  • Lizzie Schroeder

    Lizzie Schroeder

    "From the moment I stepped foot onto this campus, I felt welcome."

  • Lara Stevens

    Lara Stevens

    "Missouri State-West Plains was the ideal choice to kickstart my college journey." 

  • Kennedy Eckley

    Kennedy Eckley

    "I really like the size of the campus and the teacher-to-student ratio."

  • Trent Stine

    Trent Stine

    “Everyone on this campus has been so helpful."

  • Samantha Boston

    Samantha Boston

    “Missouri State-West Plains changed my life.”

  • Kendra Smith

    Kendra Smith

    "My favorite thing about MSU-West Plains has been the many connections I have made with the faculty and students, as well as some professionals within my career field."

  • Justin Butkovich

    Justin Butkovich

    “Missouri State-West Plains helped me become a more well-rounded and competent student.”

  • William Cole

    William Cole

    "The faculty and staff want to make sure that I'm successful." 


  • Sarah Walton

    Sarah Walton

    "My experience at MSU-WP has been incredible and lovely! The staff is super sweet and understanding."

  • Sophia Keeney

    Sophia Keeney

    "The faculty and staff are very supportive here, and they are always available if I need help."

  • Dalton Ball

    Dalton Ball

    "My experience has been great!"

  • Savannah Summers

    Savannah Summers

    "The faculty and students are amazing! I have felt welcomed and like everyone really wanted me to succeed."

  • Josh Cotter

    Josh Cotter

    “Don’t. Hold. Back. As the saying goes, leave it all on the field.  Take a class that might interest you and find a way to leave your mark."

  • Shane Hull

    Shane Hull

     "My experience at Missouri State University-West Plains has been nothing short of amazing!"

  • Megan McCrackin

    Megan McCrackin

    "My favorite thing about MSU-WP is that it feels like home."

  • Kayla Davis

    Kayla Davis

    "The teachers have the hands-on experience to give real life examples in their teaching. And I feel as if they have been truly preparing me to be the best nurse I can be."

  • Helen Meyer

    Helen Meyer

    "I feel my experience here has helped me become a more disciplined and resilient person."

  • Taylor Vonallmen

    Taylor Vonallmen

     "The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming."

  • Olivia Langbehn

    Olivia Langbehn

    “Your abilities my be different but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.”

  • Yvonne Bowers

    Yvonne Bowers

    “I found Missouri State University-West Plains to be a great environment to learn in.”

  • Emily Redus

    Emily Redus

    “Don’t write off Missouri State-West Plains. For a school its size, it has so much to offer in academic and travel opportunities."

  • Ahmea Parham

    Ahmea Parham

    "I have learned the importance of truly understanding someone no matter who they are or where they come from."

  • Emilee Dougherty

    Emilee Dougherty

    "Everybody, whether they are your teacher or not, want you to succeed."

  • Culley Crone

    Culley Crone

    "They have a great veterans program that made it easy to succeed."

  • Meagan Carlton

    Meagan Carlton

    “It doesn’t matter where you come from. If you work hard then you can achieve your dreams at MSU-West Plains.”  

  • Kody Miller

    Kody Miller

    The affordability of MSU-West Plains allowed Kody to stay close to home so he could find his passion

  • Evan Stewart

    Evan Stewart

    "The smaller classrooms allow me to get closer to the professors and faculty, and help me get the help every student should have." 

  • Kale Willison

    Kale Willison

    "All my classmates and professors have been very kind and helpful!"

  • Sterling White

    Sterling White

    "I really love the tight-knit community feel of MSU-WP."

  • Angelia Ashberger

    Angelia Ashberger

    “Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Try something new – now is the time to explore and learn about yourself.”

  • Danisha Hogue-White

    Danisha Hogue-White

    “MSU-WP gives you more opportunities to build better connections.”

  • Korrie Vance

    Korrie Vance

    “After my first college experience at another school, I expected the professors to be all business and not show a lot of compassion or personality.”

  • Cory Neal

    Cory Neal

    He takes advantage of the degrees the Missouri State-West Plains campus offers.